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Here are my basic nail hacks I think every girl needs to know! These are my beginner and easy beauty hacks that create the perfect DIY mancure at home. Whether it’s a pamper yourself night or you’re trying to say some money, I definitely wanted to show you how to do your nails and the best tips and tricks to get the perfect manicure! Don’t miss out, subscribe here!

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

40 replies
  1. Hope Morrison
    Hope Morrison says:

    Wiping your nails with acetone or nail polish remover just dries out your nails unnecessarily. I'm sure the lotion and dark polish one works but you removed the polish completely differently so it's hard to be accurate. And also I wouldn't want to waste nail polish for the last one. Acetone is much cheaper xD

  2. Tamara Kennedy
    Tamara Kennedy says:

    Love love TIP 7.!!!!I used TIP #8. While camping and we got a call, some unexpected relatives were in the area and asked if they could drop in to meet me I quickly applied my nail polish to my chipped SASQUACH NAILS and used almost an entire roll of t.p. to de trailer trash my manicure…guess the tangled side pony and smeared mascara should have been a priority but I think I won them over with my campfire coffee and pancakes with brown sugaar BUTTER carameled banana pancake compote over the top and the sausage links and fluffy scrambled eggs and fresh berries and cool whip on the side may have sealed the deal…but I'm pretty sure it was my clean looking fingernails that gave them a thumbs up on eating food cooked by a chupacabra looking camp dweller…lol..

  3. Kat C.
    Kat C. says:

    anybody know a nail glue that actually works for more than a day? I like to use fake nails from the drugstore but drugstore brand nail glues never last.

  4. Cydalia Acevedo
    Cydalia Acevedo says:

    You said the cuticle is the dead skin you scrap off then you say the polish will pool up in the cuticle area so…what exactly is the cuticle? cause the polish can't pool up in 'the cuticle area' if the cuticle is actually dead skin all over the nail

  5. Kim Martin
    Kim Martin says:

    I need some advice I got my nails into lovely condition and now they have gone completely down hill, thin, flaky, ridges etc and I don't know what to do, I do all the right things plenty of hand cream, rubber gloves when I do house work, apply cuticle cream I take calcium supplements and the nails look bad, what should I do?

  6. skaterccchick
    skaterccchick says:

    Let's be honest , most of us get our nails professionally done so they don't look rathet . I have been getting them done since high school , thanks to my grandma for taking me & spending money on me so I looked my best

  7. Rami Sen
    Rami Sen says:

    I have bunch of Polish which I don't use any😁
    Now m looking forward to use some
    It's been years I just collect them n leave them as it is totally unused

  8. Patrícia Bastos
    Patrícia Bastos says:

    Here in Brazil it's really common for women to completely take out the cuticle – for real, almost 100% of them will do that, either at home or in a salon. But that's actually bad for you because: 1) the cuticle protects your skin and 2) it looks ugly af as the cuticle is growing back, because it gets really thick. I've decided to stop taking mine off, and your video has just proven that it's perfectly possible to keep your manicure gorgeous without sacrifing your skin. Thank you SO much.

  9. MyPoint ofView
    MyPoint ofView says:

    1. DON'T scrape your nails like this video shows, you can scrape too hard and damage the nail.
    2. Wash your hands thoroughly after taking of old nail polish, its the most effective way of taking the oils off your hands and nails. It also means youryou're not using too many chemicals in the process of making your nails beautiful. It also practically guarantees your nail polish will last longer.

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