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Your brows are a focal point on your face. Depending on the shape, they can make you look youthful and happy, or they can do the opposite and make you look old and tired. The wrong brow shape can even give your face a permanent expression. Haven’t we have all seen women who look mad or surprised for no reason? It’s a big beauty no-no. That’s why we turned to celebrity brow expert Kelley Baker in Venice, CA, to find out which brow shape is perfect for five different women. Watch to see which works best if you have a round, square, oval, diamond or heart-shaped face.

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

33 replies
  1. Jennifer Trigueros
    Jennifer Trigueros says:

    I think the problem here is not if that "expert" prefers thicker/darker brows or not but the fact she simply didn't help those women at all, she made their shape of their brows look worse, and honestly not even her own brows looked good. That's how I see it.😐

  2. Fox
    Fox says:

    they look very fake because of the strict and squarish beginning of the brow, dont do that if you want a natural looking brow.

  3. Basic Basics
    Basic Basics says:

    eww…. does anyone else disagree with most of their brows, idk why she didn't fill them in, if she did it on purpose then she made the brows come in to sharp with the eye, and the square face needs an arch

  4. The Disconnected Wife
    The Disconnected Wife says:

    OMG! Ladies! please stop boxing your eyebrows!! It looks so unnatural. jmo
    I have been wanting to go to a professional for years to get a better shape on my brows, but am scared they'll do something like this. My current salon girl is going down the rabbit hole and creating too much of an arch on one brow.

  5. Violet V
    Violet V says:

    for the first lady..she said her face is round but square on the bottom…so why would she want her brows to give her a more soft look when her face is round? thats…I'm no pro but that doesn't sound right.

  6. Poetress7
    Poetress7 says:

    Read the comments and thought everyone was being too harsh on Kelley but then I watched the video and I agree, the brows looked better before. Just too full and dark after and I follow KBB on IG and love her work overall. I've been following her technique for my own brows and while they look great after the trim and wax, they tend to look too dark after I fill them in using her technique. Our fill-in styles are similar, except I never outline my entire brow with powder as I've always softly lined the bottom of my brows only and then gently brush it up into my brows since they're pretty dark & full as is. Think that's where these brows went wrong, the heavy fill-in and the fact that it seems the same technique was used for all despite face shape differences.

  7. Bessie
    Bessie says:

    omg all the brows turrned out so UGLY! like really ugly squares in the front and itz overly filled so it looks like a thick L shape throughout. Im sorry but i think this beautician just does it according to HER idea of how brows should be – thick and filled out. Sorry but i find women with thick eyebrows aggressive and borish looking. like some cave women. if u notice the most beautiful faces around are not our celebrities, but our porn stars. notice that their brows are always more to the thin side and light, looks more feminine and gives a sexy look. u've turned all these women into hairier beasts!

  8. Donna Hilbig
    Donna Hilbig says:

    Love this! After growing in my brows for about a year tweeting myself I had them just about right. My daughter got married this weekend and about 3 weeks ago I won't to have my lip threaded and the girl ta

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