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You might know him as Kim Kardashian’s loyal makeup artist. Maybe you know him as @MakeupByMario on Instagram. Or maybe you know Mario Dedivanovic as the man behind our modern obsession with highlighting and contouring. Arguably one of the biggest and most influential makeup artists of all time, Dedivanovic has spent decades delicately painting the faces of celebrities and then turning around and teaching all of us how to recreate the look through tutorials and his global Masterclass series. So you can imagine that his personal makeup collection is…large. Very, very large.

In this episode of #TheBeautyShow, Dedivanovic let BAZAAR visit his New York City home to get a tour of his beauty stash—including his makeup closet, cologne collection, Yeezy shoe wall, and medicine cabinet. But his stash of products is so big that it actually starts in a storage room, where thousands of items are sent to him every month from beauty brands all over the globe. It’s there that they’re sorted and organized by his assistants, and only the essential products for his kit come home with him.

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

34 replies
  1. Ro
    Ro says:

    Look it was kinda annoying that she was touching everything but we ALL know that we’d be going crazy seeing all that makeup

  2. Manuela Ximenes
    Manuela Ximenes says:

    Is there any comment not talking about the way she wants to touch things? I mean, she seems very nice, and I bet she's a fan, so she might have been a little anxious and wanted to pick everything up. Let the girl bee lol

  3. Valentina Somo
    Valentina Somo says:

    Mario is coming to Nordstrom Fashion Valley this Thursday, April 18th to do a personal appearance for Laura Mercier! Call (619) 295-4441 x1914 to get your ticket. Simply ask to speak with a Laura Mercier MUA.

  4. Business XX
    Business XX says:

    I was randomly listening to YouTube videos on Auto Play, and I heard Mario's name, and I had to stop and listen. I want Mario to do my makeup!

  5. Gaby Munoz
    Gaby Munoz says:

    Keep your hands to yourself girl… Don't be touchy grabby!! (Unless he gave her permission off camera and it wasn't disclosed to us) I wouldn't want anyone touching my treasured items/work tools.

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