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How to make victory rolls on a short bob hairstyle.
This look uses victory rolls and curls in short hair to make a cool rockabilly look that can be worn when you go out for an evening, to work, to a wedding, or anywhere that you want an extra nice hairstyle for. In this tutorial you will learn how to curl your short hair, how to make victory rolls in your bangs and on the side of your head, and how to set the hairs in place for this retro rockabilly style. Follow the steps, style your hair up and then let me know how it goes for you.

Victory rolls are from the 50’s and are a style that are seen in burlesque shows all over the world today.. It’s that retro look that every pin up girl has that you wish you could have, and now you can. I love styling my short hair like this because it gives it tons of volume and makes me feel really pretty and fancy but still alternative. I’ve been styling my short hair in victory rolls lately for work and when I go out and having a lot of fun experimenting with different ways I can play with this style.

Thanks for stopping by and watching this today! If you want a shorter version of this style I have another video you can watch on my channel showing short victory rolls. Otherwise, check back to my other videos for more short hairstyling videos and please SUBSCRIBE to my channel for weekly updates!


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29 replies
  1. chaotic_gabby
    chaotic_gabby says:

    This video is so great! It's nice to see a tutorial like this with short, banged hair and someone who is easygoing and not using a bazillion expensive hair products and accessories (:

  2. ErinneX
    ErinneX says:

    Thank you thank you thank you! I just recently cut my hair short and I was worried I wouldn't be able to achieve my victory rolls again but this video helped me oh so much!!

  3. E Evans
    E Evans says:

    This was so helpful – thanks! I have a Louise Brookes style bob, so I'm itching to try something a bit different with it. Hairspray ahoy!

  4. karinameats
    karinameats says:

    I love this tutorial so much! Thank you! I have the same style and length as you and I've been stressing like crazy over what kind of hairstyle I should do for my grad, because victory rolls always seemed impossible with such short hair. I'm totally doing this for my grad 🙂 also, I love your personality. You seem really fun haha c: again, thanks so much xoxo

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