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What’s up BluFam! I’m bringing you another special Wednesday upload! Today I’m talking you through 5 awesome hairstyle tutorials for guys in 2018! These tutorials have been found on Instagram, and some of them are pretty neat!

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

33 replies
  1. BluMaan
    BluMaan says:

    Happy 4th July everyone! Hope you enjoy this special Wednesday video! Comment down below if you want more of these videos!

  2. Heriberto Gomez
    Heriberto Gomez says:

    For those of you interested in Pacinos, their products are mediocre at best. Ive tried their matte paste and well, lets just say it’s wasn’t the best experience. It goes in decent through the hair when you apply it but then it just feel awful after the 20 second mark. It makes your hair feel very brittle. For the price they’re selling it at, just go buy some Original (by BluMaan) instead.

  3. Lionel Hein
    Lionel Hein says:

    Joe u shud do sth different to your hair man . Its been a year or what not since i first started watching your videos n you tried nth new. And your hairstyle RN is really wacky. Dude i really like you but i feel like you're spoon feeding shit to me.

  4. Miles Metz
    Miles Metz says:

    Review Pacinos I use it I just want to see how it looks one you, the matte would look great on your hair it has good hold, no shine and good to work with medium lengthened hair

  5. dinesh reddy
    dinesh reddy says:

    Bro ,make a video on best hair holding creams and how long should we can keep it without washing the hair and what happens we didn’t wash it for longer time


    So I have thin hair but it isn't receding or going away but I don't want super short haircuts do any of u guys have any good hair styles for me please help

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