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Suzie creates an Underwater Theme using Chrome, 3D Bubbles and Jellyfish Stickers in this Step By Step Tutorial.

Tsumekira Jellyfish Stickers

InSync Matching Lacquer & Gel Polish – Joya Mia
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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

48 replies
  1. Nellie McIntyre
    Nellie McIntyre says:

    Suzie I've tried little bubbles of gel like this before and even after a minute under an led lamp theyre kinda squishy like the inside hasnt cured, could it be i need a higher watt lamp? I've got a 36 watt right now

  2. Kay Fisher
    Kay Fisher says:

    Hi Suzie have been watching you for a while now you are amazing and I’m learning so much but I have to ask where can I get your diamanté hand roll from please xx

  3. marchofwolves
    marchofwolves says:

    Don't think she''ll see this because this is an older vid, but a group of Jelly fish are called a Smack! Fun fact lol yay you have a smack of jellies on your nails so pretty

  4. wodnyrak
    wodnyrak says:

    Suzie's apparent train of thought:
    -Let's do plain blue nails with a design.
    sees chrome
    -Maybe let's make the accent nail chrome.
    looks at chrome again
    -And maybe the tips of the other nails too.
    chrome does the thing
    -…I am convinced.

    XD I think every time chrome comes into play, Suzie ends up putting it on the whole hand. Can't blame her though, it looks amazing every time!

  5. Crafty Burk
    Crafty Burk says:

    I really enjoy watching g your videos. So much so, that my husband will ask me" are you watching Suzie?" this jellyfish one is my absolute favorite!!!!

  6. Tabetha Peterson
    Tabetha Peterson says:

    I wonder if you could make jellyfiah by getting fealty good at the felt marker and alcohol technique? Seems like those hard lines that the black made would be perfect if it was white for jellyfish

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