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In most shows, fancy braiding only happens on long hair. But that doesn’t mean short-haired folks can’t do it too! In this tutorial I take some iconic elements of Vikings hairstyles and translate them into a format that works for short hair. With me is special guest Amy Bailey, who plays Queen Kwenthrith on the show. You can see more from her on twitter @MrAmyBailey and Instagram @officialamybailey. Add some Vikings style to your hair no matter what length it is!

Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Hair Length: at least chin length
Materials: bobby pins, small hair elastics
Skills needed: lace braid, French braid
Time cost: 10-20 minutes
ideal hair type: straight or wavy

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25 replies
  1. kryptoNight •
    kryptoNight • says:

    omg Queen Kwenthrith was one of my fav characters on vikings! i was so sad that they killed her off 💔 Kwen & Aethelwulf could have been a lovely power couple

  2. Karo
    Karo says:

    stumbeld upon this yesterday. fell in love with this look ♥ tried it out today in the morning. i was already running late, but oh well, i didn't care much. it was so easy and fast to do! and the style looks incredible! i just started braiding my hair regulary like 3 weeks ago. and this style is really easy, if you understand how the braiding works. definitely going to do it more often.

  3. Thornlessrose
    Thornlessrose says:

    This is so great! You should definitely do more ‘how-to’ Viking hair styles with short hair! Like Aslaug’s short hair styles in the second half of season 4

  4. Northfan42
    Northfan42 says:

    I was thrilled to see that you have this style guide for short hair and I rushed to try it. I was disappointed to see my fine hair all but disappear into that lace braid, even without much tension. Seems I'll have to keep looking for styles that accommodate my short, wispy hair.

  5. zavia romanova
    zavia romanova says:

    i got my hair cut shorter than i wanted to, and i was kinda disappointed thinking i couldn’t do cool braids anymore, but now i know that i can and im so happy!!

  6. CelticRaven G
    CelticRaven G says:

    Viking braids are so beautiful. Wether you have the long hair or not, it’s just so cool . Recently I tried to do a small , raised braided knot across the top just for bed . To keep my hair out of my face. Vikings had awesome styles of braids. Let’s hear it for Viking culture, the best braids came from Nordic culture !!

  7. Wodinn
    Wodinn says:

    This women, is an AMAZING actress. But then one has to be, to be on the set of vikings. I got halfway through, and remembered. My hair is 4' long. But this is a great video.

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