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Subscribe to my channel here: Here is a white floral filigree Nail Design that is both elegant and formal with an accent butterfly to make it perfect. perfect for outdoor festivals like coachella and perfect clean prom nails or wedding nails that are so stunning you can take them anywhere and everyone will be grabbing your hands, Its this whimsical, bohemian chic nail Tutorial I love that is partly trendy, but goes a bit further and hand painting it gives it an original look that no one can copy! I go into detail about the swarovski pixie dust and working it with regular polish. try and Share it on my instagram:


Pink polish peacefully me by dazzledry
White wetnwild thinned down ith clear
Swarovski Pixie dust with no name on it. I would say iridescent or clear or holographic mostly.

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

34 replies
  1. bettyboop7845
    bettyboop7845 says:

    Beautiful. You inspirer me so much. Im practicing the one strokes for now so i maybe as good as you. Keep up those tutorials loving them😍😍😍😊

  2. durotha ates
    durotha ates says:

    It's a bummer the Pixie crystals lose their AB glow! If you use a Water based TC would it work better-it's how I've achieved the chrome/mirror effect w/o gel.

  3. irene tengco
    irene tengco says:

    hi miss robin I just wanna ask if ure using a nail polish or a pastel because it doesn't look easly dry when you draw into the nails I really wanted to learn it also

  4. Anette Svensson
    Anette Svensson says:

    Wonderful, I love this one.

    For some time ago I saw someone make weddingnails clear under and just white on in type ornament – in 3 D effekts. Do you make dekorations in 3 D?

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