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This video is NOT sponsored, I purchased this product to try and to share my review and true first impression.

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

44 replies
  1. Sarah's Nail Secrets
    Sarah's Nail Secrets says:

    So update: I've been wearing the product for almost 4 weeks now, I did have to cut them down to natural nail length so I could play a computer game ha ha but they are still on, and super secure! I don't love the way it grows out, it is a lot thicker at the regrowth area then when I need an acrylic fill but overall I really like the system. I think it's a great system for DIYers and for myself for sure! Hope you like the video and check back for how I decorated them and some more videos using the system!

  2. Jenny Gonzalez
    Jenny Gonzalez says:

    I just got these but i have no idea how much i should charge a set 😏 HELP plz !! How much should these sets go for ??? I charge $30 for acrylic full set 😊

  3. horriblekitty13
    horriblekitty13 says:

    I wonder if polygel could be used in place of the gel normally used? There would be fewer issues with air bubbles and with having the right amount of gel to fill the space between the nail bed and the tip.

  4. NailsbyLizBuckland
    NailsbyLizBuckland says:

    Gunna say, I'm not crazy about this system and feel it's all hype. It's okay fir an occasional alternative, but I won't be offering these services sorry its a no😂

  5. Lisa Owens
    Lisa Owens says:

    Where is the follow up video with how you decorated them. I haven't been able to find it. Are you still using this system and like it?

  6. horriblekitty13
    horriblekitty13 says:

    I'm a bit confused as to what they are, are these nail extensions made out of actual UV gel instead of acrylic or whatever tips and press on nails are usually made out of? Couldn't you just use transparent conventional tips with UV gel as a glue if you're on a budget and you can't afford this brand?

  7. ThenAgain,ButMaybeNot
    ThenAgain,ButMaybeNot says:

    After watching a lot of these videos by many people I just have to say that it is pronounced "ah-pray". Its French for "after". Literally no one has pronounced it right in any of the videos I've watched. Also, that "lamp" is a joke 🤣🤣 waaaaay too tiny

  8. QueenShād
    QueenShād says:

    I think these would follow the guidelines of the dual forms with gel. When you had the tip over the nail the apex was higher. I think it’s similar to the dual forms in the sense you have to add a decent amount of product that way
    1. It’s easier to get rid of the bubbles
    2. You don’t have to push down so much and won’t end up flattening the apex.

    Some may come out at the sides but normally just wipe it off with a brush dipped in alcohol before curing.
    It seems interesting but I feel you could literally buy regular full cover tips and do it, just have to be sure to file the inside.

  9. nailissima a
    nailissima a says:

    U know after your video I've tried to do this and I gave to tell that it's working… I gave my nails on like 3 weeks almost and I gave no problem with it

  10. Jaylah Noel
    Jaylah Noel says:

    Everyone is complaining about the price but when you consider everything that you’re getting in the kit it’s honestly cheap. The nail tips is made of gel, you get every single thing you need to apply the nails, AND a light. The nails last 3-6 weeks depending on your application and how vigorously you use your hands. With this system you can do 50+ applications. THE PRICE IS REASONABLE.

  11. Theresa Gomez
    Theresa Gomez says:

    I use a similar method with full nails and acrylic,i use full cover stellitto but use them as half cover and cover with acylic,my original idea was because the full cover nails had a beautiful curve but i wanted acrylic nails at the same time,it also cuts down on time on the shaping and because im using them as a half cover the length is extra long which i like,most tips are too short for me.

  12. Ashley Victoria
    Ashley Victoria says:

    a Nail dehydrator for the natural nail will make them last longer. Air pockets are my main problem; I just stuff more gel in the center, as I have flat nails and the nail overlay is curved

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