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Today I’ll show you how to do this easy Berry Burst. ▼All products used linked below!▼
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►Nail polish and products used◄
-Orly – Bonder:
-Sally Hansen – Pep-Plum:
-Color Club – Is it Love or Luster:
-Color Club – Good as Gold:
-Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat:
-Nail Art Striper Brush:
-Cleanup brush:
-Clean up with acetone:

-Start out with clean, dry nails and apply your base coat
-Use Pep-Plum as your base color
-With at thin striping brush, apply a burst of pink and then a burst of gold
-Apply top coat and a rhinestone for each nail

♫ Music is: Unwritten Return by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

►Equipment Details◄
I record tutorials with a Canon PowerShot ELPH 510 HS:
Vlogging/Livestreams/Faceshots with a Logitech c920 Webcam:
For lighting I use a 14″ LED Neewer ring light from this kit:
With a LimoStudio 3 Section Articulated Arm:
Attached to my desk with a LimoStudio Super Clamp:
I edit with Windows Movie Maker,
Adobe Premiere Elements:
And Adobe Photoshop (thumbnails):

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

46 replies
  1. Lisa Ayars
    Lisa Ayars says:

    I just love love this design its so pretty l must try this either do myself or have it done but l really like this and the color too l have a very close color really both colors,. just not the center piece or the thin brush but will be looking for these items for my nice long natural nails.☀
    Thank You

  2. Sueann Bustos
    Sueann Bustos says:

    I Enjoy watching your channel… all your designs are beautiful… you have to have talent and patience…lol… thanks for sharing your videos..!!!

  3. Tracy Patterson
    Tracy Patterson says:

    Just gorgeous! I really love the length of your nails in this video. Sometimes they are much longer but I like this on you best. Please let us know how the rhinestones wear with this technique.

  4. ssue
    ssue says:

    I just wondered if you ever use acrylic paints to use over the main color? I find they're much EASIER to make designs with then polish. Do you feel the same thanks in advance

  5. ssue
    ssue says:

    Hi Colette. Gorgeous Manny That Barry it's a beautiful color isn't it? Sorry this is going to sound like a stupid question the bonder that you said is a sticky coat so does that mean it doesn't dry how do you put a color over it I don't understand what is a bonder sticky coat what is the purpose of it thank you in advance and as always thanks for sharing

  6. pggysu
    pggysu says:

    Beautiful as always! I usually top coat over the stones, but for a party or special event, I'll use glue over top coat. Then I'll top with another coat of Seche Vite next day.

  7. Amber S.
    Amber S. says:

    I love this one! Going to Vegas in 3 weeks and this may add to my original idea!
    Didn't catch the live stream but I can tell you're feeling much better! 💖
    Over the last few weeks I've discovered you're one of those people who you can tell if they are smiling when they talk! You sound super happy in this video and that makes me happy! If Bob Ross were still around he'd say "Over here we've got a happy Collette in our world."

  8. Jo_r_ T
    Jo_r_ T says:

    GORGEOUS collette!! love this design. look pretty for xmas too. since, thats just around the corner ha! i used to exactly what youve done w the stones, but then after apply another coat around the stone avoiding the top of the stone. always worked out hardly lose a stone. that seche vite is bomb! but now that im into gel polish ill use glue for stones and the gel polish.

  9. JayKB
    JayKB says:

    Totally beautiful! With Christmas on its way, this would be a gorgeous design in red with silver or gold…or both, for the star. I love rhinestones and crystals. There's hardly a mani I wear without at least one. Right now I just have one crystal on my left ring finger. My technique is to top coat, let dry, then take a small amount of nail glue and apply it on top of the top coat. Depending on the size of the jewel, I may just apply the glue with the tip of a toothpick. Usually I like a larger size and just barely touch the tip of my glue's brush to the place I want the jewel. It's a rare day when I lose one. And I wear my manis for 2-3+ weeks… 😀👋

  10. 1VampieNight
    1VampieNight says:

    When using rhinestones I usually top coat first then use a small dot of nail glue to stick the stone. If any glue is visible after drying I use a detail brush to put top coat over it then you can't see it any more. 🖤

  11. Edith Elbourn
    Edith Elbourn says:

    They are amazing! I love them. I put my stones in top coat just like you did in this video, large things I might glue down , mostly for special occasions. The glue I use has to be filed off😩

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