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In this tutorial, you will learn how to do a pull-through braid step by step.


Hello our beautiful friends!

We have been getting SO many requests on how to do a regular pull-through braid. Although we’ve showed how to do this technique in another video tutorial (watch it here, many of you wonder how to do it in the back of your head instead of on the side. So, we collaborated with our beautiful and talented friend Alex Gaboury to show you how to do a pull-through braid in the back of your head. Definitely Pinterest worthy, wouldn’t you say? 🙂

Alex is wearing some wefts of her Ash Blonde Luxy Hair extensions which she toned slightly to match her hair ideally. You can buy your own Luxies on our website:

If you’re not too familiar with clip-in hair extensions, take a look at this page that explains 10 reasons to choose clip-ins:

Check out Alex’s channel here:

Once you’ve done this hairstyle, snap a quick pic and post it on your Instagram with #luxyhair – I’d love to see it and will feature my favorites on our Luxy Hair Instagram

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Thank you for watching!

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46 replies
  1. Kaila Powell
    Kaila Powell says:

    why does every tutorial use extensions? i want to do pretty hairstyles but i cant because i have the thinest most fien hair ever …. 🙁 not fair

  2. Adrian
    Adrian says:

    I really appreciate this tutorial and that you explain how to use the extensions.
    I'm going to do this style for my wedding, so after a late night practice prestyle I was too tired to take it out and slept in it…. I was surprised how comfortable it is to wear this braid, I couldn't even feel the extensions.
    Even my fiancé thought it was perfect for our nuptials.

  3. Sofia Newville
    Sofia Newville says:

    Omg I just tried this and I had to cut my hair out ! I don't think that's supposed to happen !! Luckily it was just a tiny but of hair, not a whole lot

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