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43 replies
  1. Spacecakes 1
    Spacecakes 1 says:

    Hi Robin Moses!!! I just love u and ur tutorials,no matter which other nail tutorials I see u r ALWAYS my fave!!! I am realy just starting doing nails as a hobby but have always loved all things arty so learning about ur channel was 1of the best things 2happen 2me!!! lol!!! I'm trying 2find a good, kind of beginners type of Halloween Nail Art Tutorial right now…any suggestions??? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Jazmyne Erece
    Jazmyne Erece says:

    I just love that u showed another alternative to the marbled look – – the way the rest of us know it causes us to waste that excess nail polish, it's a fun way, but wastes a lot!!! Thank for sharing!! Love your all your videos!! ^_^ and I went to 'Like' Inaz Cosmetics page lol thx 🙂

  3. nikkib1002
    nikkib1002 says:

    Nice design! Your doing such a good job on all of the Halloween designs! 🙂 And that groups name is maroon 5! Adam Levine is from that group. I love them they make good songs. You should check them out lol!

  4. Robin Moses Nail Art
    Robin Moses Nail Art says:

    thank you. hopefully someday i just get enough to be happy and free of filing and just TEACH and travel and do seminars and meet the wonderful people like you who are watching. that is my goal and my dream. spread the word and keep on watching….commenting…thumbs upping..alll of that helps me to be "friends" with youtube and they make my videos more viewable the more they are loved.

  5. Robin Moses Nail Art
    Robin Moses Nail Art says:

    i dont know what this means but i mostly suck at taping and hope to have help..however, i do the best i can and others are learning WONDERFULLY so im doing OKAY….someday i hope to do great. i can only do the best i can and hope others are inspired to try to make art.

  6. Robin Moses Nail Art
    Robin Moses Nail Art says:

    ashleyyyyyyy!!!!!! i miss you. i have been so busy with halloween (busiest time til after xmas) that i dont get to read as much and seeing you made me wanna hug you. 😀 thank you and im happy you are here girl. 😀

  7. Robin Moses Nail Art
    Robin Moses Nail Art says:

    thank you for helping me spread the word…i am working 20 hours a day right now to get this out and get on my next path of teaching instead of filing. my shoulder is so sore now and its time to change paths and this path is the one for me, so please help me carol and thank you SO much for this kind and sincere message 😀

  8. Robin Moses Nail Art
    Robin Moses Nail Art says:

    because its hard and the nails are wet and it messes them up and i am on a time schedule that is tight that i hardly have time to do anything. mostly the thumb matches all nails and if anything, matches the ring finger so i figure its best kept un-messed up and out of my camera

  9. Robin Moses Nail Art
    Robin Moses Nail Art says:

    thank you. i want you to please spread THAT WORD. i have been giving all of this in exchange for you spreading the word of my techniques and changing the nail art world from one of anger and stealing to sharing and growing and creating a union between us so we can feel self confident and joy. *huge hug* i am so glad you can see that. i want to hug you blooga! *loveeeeee*

  10. Robin Moses Nail Art
    Robin Moses Nail Art says:

    thank you so much, its just years of practice and never giving up. i promise that. it was so hard and still is sometimes but it is so much fun, its a love hate thing that makes you better over time, but the effort is behind the scenes when im working so hard to get it perfect…LOL

  11. cindy sanchez
    cindy sanchez says:

    Omg Robin I just wanted to say that you are sooo nice for teaching us all of this because you and your techniques are basically unseen anywhere else on youtube. And you are so real and hilarious!!

    CAROL HOLMES says:

    I have been watching your nail tutorials for a long time now and a lot of my nail art is inspired by you. You are the best out there, so thanks for sharing your fantastic designs x

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