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In this video I go through 7 things most Youtubers do in their makeup tutorials that you can, and probably should, stop doing!

This video was very spur of the moment for me. I usually have my videos planned out at least a week in advance. However, after reading the comments on my last video, I felt like many viewers need more reassurance that makeup really has no rules. If you are new to makeup, or even if you’re not, Youtube can be a great learning tool and source of inspiration. However, I feel it can also inhibit creativity and individuality.

My intention for this video was not to make fun of “Beauty Gurus”. I do most of the things shown myself!! I simply want to express that is is totally OKAY for you to do things differently, or not do certain makeup techniques at all. If you look closely, Youtube and Instagram is different from what you see on many celebrities, red carpets and in magazines. The look is much less “done” and more natural. I hope that eventually the pendulum will swing back to a more realistic representation of beauty that includes a wider variety of looks and techniques instead of the same old, same old.

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Mom. Wife. Makeup Artist. Animal Lover. I have been working as a freelance makeup artist since 1996. My first job was with Laura Mercier, and from there I worked for Bobbi Brown, Prescriptives, Chanel, Armani and more. I started this channel with the hopes of sharing my knowledge with others. As a woman in my 40’s, my skin and face are not what they used to be, but that’s ok. I have learned to adapt and adjust the beauty products I use. I hope that my channel with help you with selecting the best products as well, and teach you how to apply your makeup like a pro! If you like my videos, please share them!

My makeup at the beginning and end of video:

Foundation: Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion(review coming soon!)
Brows: ABH Brow Wiz in Soft Brown
Shadows: ABH Modern Renaissance Palette
Lashes: Huda Beauty Samantha
Cheeks: Milani Luminoso
Lips: Huda Beauty Bombshell liquid lipstick with MAC Spice lip liner


Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

20 replies
  1. Jen Bo
    Jen Bo says:

    I do basically none of this. If using that much concealer, why bother with foundation? Then cream contour, then powder, then blush, bronzer, highlight, good heavans cake face.

  2. Nikki Botts
    Nikki Botts says:

    This was a refreshing video. You are made to feel that you need at least seven colors of eyeshadow for a "natural " look.
    Thanks for reminding us to keep it real with ourselves.

  3. Cher Silveira
    Cher Silveira says:

    Halleujah Girl!!!! If you aren't baked, highlighted to be seen in space, using a BRAND NEW "IN" EXPENSIVE PALETTE OR WHATEVER regularly, contouring (just because), GIANT, thick, unnatural false lashes and the rest, when you watch a few videos, you feel kind of not sure what you are doing! There is a way of wearing natural looking lashes for those who lashes are sparse or nearly nonexistent due to serious illness or a very blonde, and short, almost nonexistent. You look beautiful with no makeup and then enhanced with makeup on, which is what makeup should do. There are a few youtubers that do a light, natural but enhanced look and it is so nice . Thank you for offering us options from some that I see that I feel if I run my fingers down their face, I would come back with globs under my fingernails. I am so glad to see the little tricks you show us to help us and everything from a soft, natural everyday look to a VAVOOM night look! Thank you for the reviews telling us which things might work best and what qualities different products have. I appreciate your reviews so much!

  4. Cailin
    Cailin says:

    I think they do all these techniques so they can use tons of products so that they can plug more brands and products (hoping to get codes or deals or PR) and get paid more.

  5. Terry Rendon
    Terry Rendon says:

    Yes….anyone over 30 should avoid baking. As I age…….the less powder products, the better. I also see beauty gurus use concealers that are way too light.

  6. mademoisellekaya
    mademoisellekaya says:

    Number 8, why does every ytber has their facefilter on? Is everybody afraid of showing that they age? What they DON'T REALIZE , their careers are sooner gone. Because, who is going to believe that skin doesn't age and everybody that's older than 30/35 will not be taken seriously anymore now everybody knows facefilter's are common knowledge. Even on cellphones you can make your selfie direct with the facefilter set to on. Who are ytbers kidding. 🤔😑 Themselves for those who are in doubt 😉
    But I love that you made this video, the young ones even totally think this is THE way and even the elder generation starting to doubt, exactly as you say in the beginning of the video it needs to be clear that sitting in front of a camera your makeup gets translated different to the viewers due to the screen you are looking at and that is something that nobody seems to see.. look at television makeup. Even colours in the pan's are not translate the exact way on your screen, that's why the person showing that colour ALSO describes the colour!
    What do you think, do I have a point or even some?

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