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Beginners Hard Gel Nails Tutorial Extend a Nail Without a Nail Form Plus Halloween Nail Art. Happy halloween everyone! Today I am going to show you how to make your gel nails longer without using a form, how to apply hard gel, how to shape and hand file and some fun halloween nail art. It takes a white to get used to doing Gel nails so don’t get frustrated.

I am using light elegance gel, they are not paying me to use their product and I did not get the product for free. I am really enjoying the switch from acrylic to a gel nail for a while.

I use tack primer that needs to be cured in your led light for 30 sec then applying powder bond that needs to be cured for 30 sec. To extend the nails I am using Extreme which is a thick viscosity gel that will cling to then end of the nail without falling down under the nail. After I do each nail I am flash curing for 5 sec incase I bump one of them.

I am going to show you the thumb gel nail in real time and then I will put the rest of the nails in fast forwards so you can get a real idea of how long it takes to apply the product for each gel nail. I am using the pink fiber gel.

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The Meticulous Manicurist Nail Tutorials sets a new standard in nail education utilizing Real life, Real situations for Real learning. Lori is a professional nail technician, her YouTube channel is unique and full of explicit instructional lessons to support the education, growth and collaboration of nail technicians and nail lovers all over the world. Her nail tutorials range from Beginners Acrylic Nails providing Step by Step instruction to Pedicure Tutorials that demonstrate routine care for your Feet. Everything you ever wanted to know about Nails, Manicures, Pedicures, Acrylic Nails, Foot Massage Techniques and Nail Art are shared in her tutorials. She hopes to inspire & enrich the perception of the Nail Career by Nail Technicians to create lasting bonds with clientele. People can even learn how to care for their feet and nails at home with professional instruction for pedicures and acrylic nails. If you would like to be notified of video uploads be sure to subscribe.

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

13 replies
  1. Nicky Bebe
    Nicky Bebe says:

    your videos 're helpful for me. Thank you so so much. especially im Vietnamese, i have problem with cutting edged cuticles. Your videos make me confident because I dont have to cut cuticles anymore 🙂

  2. Hope Reynolds
    Hope Reynolds says:

    Here we go again with the magic lol I love your videos like this it's so amazing and cool I tried doing it yesterday and failed miserably lol but I'm definitely going to keep giving a go at it

  3. A J
    A J says:

    Can you please do a video about proper posture when doing manicures and pedicures! When doing feet i feel like im hunched over and i work in a salon so i use what they provide.. I cant find a video about nail tech body care or posture thanks

  4. Kate Ferguson
    Kate Ferguson says:

    Hi Lori! I love your videos and I appreciate how good they've gotten since you first began. I have a question for you. I apologize if it's been asked and answered somewhere else.

    The free edge of my boyfriends pinky toe nails seems to grow outwards into the skin. It's almost as if it's growing sideways into the skin. Its often irritated and calloused. The toe nail also seems to grow upward. Any advice on treating nails such as these?

  5. Filed Away By April
    Filed Away By April says:

    I'm diggin that design! Thank you for another gel upload! You're awesome! What's the brand & size brush you're using? It looks like a really good one….I have awesome acrylic brushes but, gel brushes….not so much lol. I am SO GLAD to know that I'm not the only one who prefers hand filing over using E-file.

  6. Eren Garcia
    Eren Garcia says:

    Another great video. I like all of your videos and I learn a lot. As soon as I get the notification I go to your channel. I have a question, maybe you can make a video about it, I don’t understand the difference between regular polish and gel polish. I see at the store some nail polish where it says gel polish like Sally Hansen, but I think it’s the same than regular polish. I don’t cure that one. It’s that like a “fake gel” or something? Or should I cure ALL nail polish that says gel? Thank you for your advice on not using drills on the natural nails. I’ve heard some horror stories from some friends that had to stopped getting acrylics. I really like the videos where you are just giving advice and talking to the camera, maybe you could make more of those? 🙂

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