Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

I apply an entire bottle of tanning lotion to see what happens..




Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

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  1. Monique Castelli
    Monique Castelli says:

    Anyone else tanner than the tanning lotion? I've tried multiple times to fake tan with lotion… And literally, nothing happened but when I did it to my sister she was literally so orange.

  2. Kay p
    Kay p says:

    i just found your channel on my recommend and now all your videos are showing and i love your channel and content def subscribing ❤️

  3. Li Sa
    Li Sa says:

    lol sry I cannot keep commenting that the way you said at the beginning "I'm getting darker" reminds me one of my fav Lana songs "Blackest Day" I'm getting darker and darker.." 😄 xx

  4. Li Sa
    Li Sa says:

    somebody commented on another video that they watch your videos when they're depressed and it helps. I was fine then but today not so good I guess and definitely feel my mood lifted after that video, I feel lighter. I looove when videos give me that effect, I feel it's also rare because there are too many videos after which I feel even more depressed. I feel that it means you're doing something right. So keep it up girl, keep staying being real. Much love, ty. 👽💖🌌

  5. Brandy Nguyen
    Brandy Nguyen says:

    How do you get the pic out of the video for the thumbnail? When I go to change my thumbnail it only shows a few pics from the video to choose from or to add a pic I already have?

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