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Hi everyone!! I have been loving styling my short hair and I’m so excited to show you a few of my favorite ways I like to style it!! Today I’m showing you how I get these fun Beach Waves, using a flat iron. I hope you’re able to follow along, let me know if you try it!! Thanks for watch!!:)

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  1. Aunt Best
    Aunt Best says:

    Hi good evening everyone, some of my hair took and others didnt. More where it is damaged. Could damage hair not work well with it or do i need to put more styling products in my hair before using? I dont like alot of product bc it makes my hair flake and itch(yes i wash my hair.i got dandruff from my dad yay me lol so got to be careful what and how much i put into my hair). How long does it takd for an average person to get it perfect or almost perfect. Thanks for the video bc you help more then others and they say not to use the other detection( idk y but learned more from you ty.).have a great night 😎

  2. Hope McCain
    Hope McCain says:

    Okay I have the worst hair for this kind of thing. Thin, doesn’t hold a curl, doesn’t cooperate…and I followed this tutorial today and it was like MAGIC. The way you describe how to curl toward the front vs the back is the best I’ve ever seen. Love that I stumbled upon this video!

  3. Ruth Ann Hewitt
    Ruth Ann Hewitt says:

    I just cut my long hair to about your length, i used to put more brown to my burnett hair but i haven't done it for a long time, so now my hair doesn't have the " good damage," so it wont hold the curl. Is there a product our there to help that problem. I might however get some colors put in

  4. Iridescent Irish
    Iridescent Irish says:

    I finally found the reason why my hair won't curl. It's because I bring the straightener towards my face instead of away from my face. God I'm such an idiot! BTW Thanks for this vid. It's very helpful.

  5. Jennifer Morris
    Jennifer Morris says:

    I have super super curly hair. I straighten it with a flat iron and then I try to do the waves which I’m successful at, technique wise. Then after half an hour the curls just drop and fade away and I’m left with wonky hair. It’s bizarre and frustrating. What’s the point of having curly hair if it doesn’t work for curly hair?

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