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Here is a Halloween Witch Nail Art Tutorial in iridescent mermaid glitter done on blue and tan to give a haunting effect with dead trees and a huge full moon, there are a coven of witches flying over a night sky. This design is for beginners who seriously want to learn hand painted nail art design or a craft for professional nail techs who want to boost their careers through the education of hand painting nails. Learn to paint on friends and family or share these as an instructor of a nail school wanting to give their students the best full length lessons with online nail art tutorials that will allow them to create success in the beauty industry that will allow them to support themselves while having fun and finding joy for themselves and others.

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

43 replies
  1. tink ie
    tink ie says:

    how does she do this ? i cant draw to save my life. trying to draw from memory is even harder. i love your work robin. i see its been 2 yrs, but it doesnt seem it.

  2. Joyce Nesselhauf
    Joyce Nesselhauf says:

    What brand of polish do you use for your artwork on the nail? It goes on so smoothly! When I try to use regular polish, it's too thick. When I use polish specifically for nail artwork, it's too thin!

  3. laura scott
    laura scott says:

    these nails are soooooo gorgeous i'm a new sub 👻 i identify as wiccan and would LOVE this manicure all year round. are you on the east coast by any chance?? as talented as you are i can bet you're in Cali…hope i'm wrong and you're in new york!!!!

  4. Samantha Miller
    Samantha Miller says:

    This is my favorite design you have done!!! I might take a try at it this morning!!! 🙂 Thank you so so much for all of your incredible ideas and for breaking the painting process down for all of us!! Paint on sister!

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