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Hello guys and gals!!

Here is a “How to cut your own hair” video! I will show you to how cut your hair, tapper the front, and add layers! Hope you enjoy this BOB Haircut tutorial!

Here is an Aline haircut tutorial:

I am a licensed cosmetologist, so i would not suggest cutting your hair at home- but if you are going to cut your hair- hopefully this video helps you out! 🙂

How to cut your own hair tutorial

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  1. M M1989
    M M1989 says:

    I really don't want to cut my own hair, but I went to a salon to get it cut and it's crooked. It's annoying me so much. I'm scared to go to another salon because it's pretty short and I don't want it any shorter.

  2. spirals 73
    spirals 73 says:

    Thanks for being a hairstylist and yet not getting all pissy about people cutting their hair at home. It was nice of you to do this.

  3. Michelle Brown
    Michelle Brown says:

    THANK YOU…THANK YOU…THANK YOU!!! My stylist is one of my closest friends but my husband and I are a one income family, and even with my family discount it’s NOT in our budget for haircuts, for the first time in my adult life 😔 {my hubby’s is buzzed, so I do that}. I have gone without a haircut for two years because I don’t want anyone other than Ashley cutting my hair {that may sound super snobby, but I have very thick, very curly hair and not just anyone can cut curly hair well. She has been cutting my hair for 9 years and we just jibe}. Part of the reason we are just one income is because I have fibromyalgia and psoriatic arthritis. I am also on an Rx that causes me to lose my breath quickly. My hair is down to my bra and as I said, VERY thick. It is quite a chore to just wash and condition it, much less take the time to put product in and sit and diffuse it. I have NO choice but to cut it myself. NOTHING fancy, I just have to get the weight off!!! This video shows me ABSOLUTELY everything I need {my curls look much better with some layers, so you even covered that too!!}. I know this was very long, but I wanted you to know the full weight of what finding this video meant to me {I was actually crying when I started this comment}. Your comment that if peeps are gonna cut their own hair, you want to show the correct way…It means the world!!! Thank you, again, a thousand times!!!!

  4. Laura Parson
    Laura Parson says:

    Hi Heather I kept my own hair this morning into a bop it looks really nice and I think I did a good job first time ever getting my own hair like this but it was well worth it and I followed you step-by-step

  5. oye aye
    oye aye says:

    I've been cutting my hair for about 5 years at this point and I finally found someone who has the same texture/ thickness (and at the moment, length!). This is soooo helpful

  6. Carrie
    Carrie says:

    I usually cut my own hair because I let it go till I can't take it anymore and lop a bunch off, panic a bit and then work on cleaning it up. I'm sure a stylist would be horrified, but I've had to "break up" with so many over the years I just don't have the emotional capacity to do it anymore. J/K, I'm cheap. This is helpful, though I have a ton of hair and I've not yet found a tutorial that helps 100%.

  7. Pam
    Pam says:

    This is great, thank you. One question –I wear my part on the side. Should I part my hair on the side when cutting the layers or in the middle? Thanks

  8. Megan Dunmeyer
    Megan Dunmeyer says:

    This is THE best "do-it-yourself" blunt cut I've seen. And I've seen many. THANK YOU! I love how you didn't do anything freaky (like pigtails, which would obviously create an uneven cut!) and you explained everything very well.

  9. usr5536
    usr5536 says:

    would you recommend cutting your hair with a buzzer for laddies? and what is the best way . i just usually want a shoulder length bob , blunt cut. if you reccomend it would you make a video about it?

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