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Step-by-Step Acrylic Nail Tutorial

Products used:
Hand Trainer

INM Acrylic System

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38 replies
  1. Angel M
    Angel M says: luv to see one w yr suggestions & tips while doing an acrylic set using yr e file…also if you say wanted to do a glitter w stars & hearts acrylic for yr base there a way to keep it sparkly or will that happen w the the shine top coat..also i appteviate you sharing yr fav items and the brands .ex: yr acrylic brush.😊💅

  2. Scarlet Bambi
    Scarlet Bambi says:

    Are you kidding me? Less than 17 bucks on Ali with 100 extra nails. Its exactly the same. There are more expensive ones that look like this one but this is exactly the same as the cheap one.

  3. Elise A
    Elise A says:

    Wow you so good
    You explain really well and im going to keep watching you while i complete my nail course . Thanks so much for your great tutorial . It really helped me

  4. Tracy U
    Tracy U says:

    I wish a trainer hand was constructed with different types of imperfect, wonky fingers and nail beds, like real hands. I think it would be more helpful in learning with challenges right off the bat.

  5. Kristie Levy
    Kristie Levy says:

    I'm just learning as a nail Tech student. and i have three sets and i feel like I'm really bad, did anyone else feel the same way?
    does practice make perfect?
    please help

  6. She Who Knows All
    She Who Knows All says:

    Rather than using and going through the 100 nail tips they supplied with the hand, why not just temporarily glue a clear fake nail to that tip, do your practice on that, then pop it off of the real "practice nail" when you're done? A box of 100 fake nails is like $4…

  7. Someone
    Someone says:

    I bought this hand to practice on it. I also use it to show my husband a middle finger when he pisses me off. Works every time.

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