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The Evolution of Sansa Stark Hairstyles from Game of Thrones on HBO was one of the most unanimous requests I have ever received! So I knew I had to make a tutorial on how to do GOT Sansa hairstyles. This isn’t going to be your average hair tutorial, we’re also diving into character development and theories about how and why she chooses her hair braids.

I can’t believe Game of Thrones airing it’s final episode tomorrow night!! How did 6 weeks fly by so quickly?!

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—⟣Thank you to these Braidaholics for the research!!:⟢—
Samy @samysturd
Katelyn Brannelly@katelynbrannelly
Lexie Lexi-lovee77
Leah S
Apurva @comme__ci__comme__ca
Evelyn @namelessevy_

—⟣Products Used:⟢—
I like this wig a lot, but keep in mind with cheaper hair you always want to order longer so you can cut off any dead ends.
(I colored it using Redken Shades EQ. 2 Parts 5c one part 8n. In general you want to look for copper and mix in a little neutral because on its own wig hair will take the orange from the copper, run with it, and look like you colored it with a highlighter.)

Costume 1:
Faux Fur:
Sweater Dress:

Costume 2:
Topsytail / Hair Beader:

Costume 3:

Costume 4:
Feather Choker:
Feather Shoulder thing:
Necklace was DIY
(The choker and shoulder cape were pinned together and then pinned to the dress to create the costume)

Costume 5:
Faux Fur:

Costume 6:
Faux Fur:
Necklace (similar):

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  1. Stephen McCarthy
    Stephen McCarthy says:

    Great video! She is my favorite character! The fashion in which she wore her hair was partly out of survival. It was a subtle way of familiarizing herself with her captors and other powerful women. You can see the similarities in Cersie S2. Margaery S3. Lysa Arryn S4. Caitlyn Stark S6. and Daenarys S8.

  2. Sandra Heidi
    Sandra Heidi says:

    amazing video, but i have something to say about the lore of GoT. In the beginning you say that Sansa's hair might be inspired by Lyanna and something about a Romeo an Juliet love story. The North and the rest of the kingdom believe that Lyanna was kidnapped, so the hairstyle could be something northern, but not because it reminds of a fairytale

  3. Alina
    Alina says:

    I no longer have long hair (or the patience to braid it like this) but I'm still just absolutely loving these!!!

  4. elwynbrooks
    elwynbrooks says:

    I absolutely LOVE all the deep dives and interpretations of the hairstyles! Really makes you think about all the different things and thought that goes into a show like this

  5. Asamii
    Asamii says:

    Please help! Is this wig 20 inches? Full lace or lace front? What density? I want to buy this wig but I don't know anything about wigs😩

  6. Ashley Falcon
    Ashley Falcon says:

    Omg that Blooper with the sleeves was hilarious. Check out these sleeves tho (waves sleeves about). Why didn’t Sansa ever strangle someone with her sleeves? 😂 haha you’re adorable!

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