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Hello ALL!!

If you don’t follow me on instagram…( EmJustLikeYou) you should!! I posted a nail look I did on my cousin’s toes, and many of you wanted me to do a tutorial on the look.
Click here to see original instagram picture:

It’s super easy and fool-proof!! Anyone can recreate this look and I think it’s fun!! It looks complicated but it takes literally 10 mins to do from start to finish 😀 My bf calls it the “Drunken French” discovery! lol

Of course you do not have to use these colors or these glitter polishes. The important thing to note for this look is that you want to start out with the least dimensional color/ most simple glitter and then build up. The first glitter needs to be highest up and the last glitter polish should be on the lower/tip of the nail.

If you do not have multidimensional glitter it’s ok!! Just layer accordingly to the darkness of the color. Lightest goes on as the first layer and the darkest as the last!!

Super easy and fun:D More importantly it lasts a super long time.

My family and I does nails for a living for a very long time but I never thought of doing nail tutorials. It’s harder to show in my opinion so much respect for those guru’s who do nail tutorials! It took me forever to find an angle that was good lighting, clear in focus, AND my hand was not in the way!!

Special thanks to my cousin THANH for lending me her left hand!! Also thanks for holding your breath so I could focus the lens to take photos hahahaha

1- jennysaiiz
2- LVMtz1984
3- epascual143
4- foreverclassy89
5- shopaholic gurl
6- qnt1017
**** Winners please message me using your YT account by Friday June 15th to claim your prizes as well as give your addresses 😀 CONGRATULATIONS

Of course if you did not win, don’t be discourage. I wish you could give everyone something, but I can’t 🙁 What I can do is have more giveaways in the future so stay tune!!!!!


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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

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  1. Niusha S.k.
    Niusha S.k. says:

    Why so complicated, just take a base color and a color that is slightly darker with glitter in it and paint it on the base color lol
    and if you dont have a darker color with glitter just go over it with some normal glitter.
    I just did that, took maybe 10 minutes

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