Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

In this video I’m spilling about my top # favorite Sunless Tanners and why I wear different products for different occasions. I also share tips for applying a flawless beautiful tan even in the dead of winter. xoxo Christine


Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

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  1. iryna nelson
    iryna nelson says:

    Use professional products. Norvell sunless tan is the best. If you use prep spray, your tan will last 10 days. Never orange or any funky looking color. Never buy a cheap drugstore products unless you like orange yellow color. Remember you got what you paid for.

  2. Pamela UtopianChoices
    Pamela UtopianChoices says:

    Thanks! I have fair skin..not olive and tired of being orange! Don’t worry about what ppl think. I do contour mine! I have added lotion with some of these that do have the right “flow”. I am always trying to use my hair dryer with the sticky ones and then I am hot! Trying to use the COOL shot button on my hair dryer! Oh my gosh lmao… I am a mess trying to get tan. Funny lady! I had such a darn hard time asking my 21 year old to help apply to my back! Ugh! Hugging myself is fine but I was beginning to look weird!

  3. alyy j
    alyy j says:

    The first one is only for ur legs only… and it's make up not self tanning. I use the light version and it worked so well. I wouldnt go the darker ones unless u are wearing a fake tan or if you are already natural dark skin. The light version is pretty dark for light. It's so easy to put on and you can't go wrong. I only stopped wearing it because it's makeup and it can come off on clothes were as self tanner is more permanent.

  4. April Allard
    April Allard says:

    try Tanwise lotion! THE best! plus it's green which combats orange! love it, i stock up. WI winters last forever. plus, use a mitt not bare hands. can get a mitt at Walmart or Ulta for about $6! i wash it after each use & put it over the tanwise bottle to dry. the mitt will last you forever

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