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Subscribe to my channel here: Here is a super easy red cherry blossom nail art design tutorial that combines an abstract touch to a dry brush technique and all while using inexpensive products you can find at any craft store. My goal is to get this channel out to girls who want to learn and have no mentors, so please spread the word and have fun painting!

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47 replies
  1. eclecticexpressions
    eclecticexpressions says:

    This is just gorgeous. Love that you did a different "technique" or "take" than all the other Cherry Blossom nail Tuts out there. I do love the common cherry blossom design so many do but, when I saw your video – I was definitely INSPIRED to do your technique rather than the "Arizona Green Tea" design or the one with the blue base & light pink dots. I'm still in the middle of my ocean nail manicure now & have hopefully about another week before it chips & I need a new mani….. Still….THIS design….YOUR design will most likely be my final summer mani of the season if I can replicate it well enough!! (I was planning on a nice summer colored water marble or even the "smooshy" abstract/watercolor splash look but, again – this is just TOO GORGEOUS to ignore :))

    Thanks for taking the time to record & share it!

  2. Kimberly Dawn McKinney
    Kimberly Dawn McKinney says:

    I did this paint job (well, was inspired by you last night because of this video) so giving credit where credit is due. Tagged you on my facebook post but I'm not sure if it worked. Thank you!!!

  3. Cindy Wise
    Cindy Wise says:

    This was the first nail art I ever had done on my nails.  Had it done late august 2015.   Love the design and want to do it to my own nails now that I have more experience at it.  The ones that were done on my nails were not as good as yours and they looked more like arterial spray (blood spatter) than cherry blossoms.  🙂  I still liked them.  I really enjoy your videos.  You are so fun and you explain it so well.  I'm glad I found you.

  4. SaucierCow
    SaucierCow says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time out of a busy schedule to make these videos. You are always so positive. You never say you can't do this or you can't do that. You always say that you can. Thanks again!

    My camera at the moment doesn't work but I was inspired by this video to create a Lilac version of this nail. I did a pale blue background and then dabbed little blobs of mixed dark and light purple and added little dots of white to them. I will post a picture as soon as I can.

  5. sheryl santos
    sheryl santos says:

    I just try doing this with acrylic paint but the tip I decided to put white nail polish it came out great. Looking forward on doing more of you nail art work. You teach so well.

  6. Holly Patricia
    Holly Patricia says:

    So today my nail art brush set and acrylic paints came in and this is the first thing I've painted. Mine are passable but not nearly as good. Thanks Robin. =)

  7. anehus1
    anehus1 says:

    Me encanto este diseño, adoro los arboles de cerezo pero no sabia como llevarlo a mis uñas, Realmente me encanta tu canal me a dado muy buenas ideas
    Gracias por compartir tu conocimiento C=

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