Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

I got my hands on the Chi automated curling iron. This might be the best automates curling iron on the market, and there is a list of automated curling irons on the market already, everything from T3 to to beach waver, to revlon. It is very easy to use, very easy to learn, it has a temperature control, and a timer. There are all the features that i’m looking for our of a hair heat tool. Check out my full product review for this chi curling iron.

Items In This Video:
1. CHI Automated curling iron

2. Pink Hair Brush

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

40 replies
  1. Michelle George
    Michelle George says:

    I own this and love it. For me it was worth the price. I have long very thick hair. I love the beach waves that it gives me. I thought your hair turned out great.

  2. Crissy Knox
    Crissy Knox says:

    Since it doesn't curl closer to the root it makes your brushed curls look frizzy 👎 for over $100 and to only do one thing I wouldn't buy it at all not even to try it

  3. Caitlin Eds
    Caitlin Eds says:

    Hi 😊, How do you make your curls last so long , I have fine straight hair like you although I do have a lot of it but my curls never last and it’s really annoying 🙄 Xxx

  4. Kimber Corbitt
    Kimber Corbitt says:

    Have to say that I snagged one of the Bio Ionic flat irons that you always mention (ones with vibrating plates). i already have one bio ionic single pass one, but at half off today I couldn't fight the temptation. AAAAANNNND, low and behold there was a video of you on Ulta's site using the tool, so bingo! Can't wait to try it out.

  5. Anne McKeel
    Anne McKeel says:

    MILABU, I have been watching your videos for a number of years, and love them all. I noticed that you have let your hair grow quite a bit and it is lovely however I still prefer it a little bit shorter .
    it was so amazingly and adorable particularly with all the different braiding techniques that you did. It seems like everyone today has super long hair and extensions,
    Your shorter hair made you unique ! 💕🌸

  6. Ann M. S
    Ann M. S says:

    Milabu, did you try the Termix brush Flat Pro or you can try it? I read a lot about Termix products and people say they are awesome. They say you can curl your hair also, maybe you can try it for another video! I really love your channel ❤

  7. Jennifer R
    Jennifer R says:

    Another problem with this is that it only works on medium to long hair, whereas a curling iron or straightener can be used on short hair.

  8. Sophia Moskalo
    Sophia Moskalo says:

    Speaking of curling hair, I know you love using the Bioionic flat iron. Have you ever tried their curling iron? I searched, but dixn't see a video. I was curious as to how you would like it?

  9. Tamara Morton
    Tamara Morton says:

    I think it would look better parted on the side, possibly. I thought the end product looked pretty. Thanks for the demonstration. I wouldn't buy because of its lack of versatility.

  10. VaJenna
    VaJenna says:

    This would probably be great for people with mobility issues…I also think it would be fun to use on someone else 😁 I like it!

  11. emm emma
    emm emma says:

    Hi Malibu I would love for you to try the cloud 9 curlers. I have the hair straighteners and they wipe the floor with ghd. Sorry if I have spelt your name wrong I've had quite a few vodkas x 😂😂😂 any excuse ha x love ya xxx 😘

  12. Zoraida Pereyra
    Zoraida Pereyra says:

    I love the volume that it gave your hair after you brush it! And that's the type of waves I want in my hair so yes I'll be buying this now! Thank you for your review!🥰

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