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I hope you enjoy PART# 1 of MY Skincare Routine !
🌸রূপে গুনে অনন্যা SERIES🌸:
EP. 1- DIY Body “Butter” Recipe ➡️
EP. 2- Hair Care Routine ➡️
EP. 3- Skincare Routine Pt#1➡️
EP. 4- Get Rid of Dandruff ➡️
EP. 5- Homemade Hair Oil➡️
EP. 6- 50 tK Instant Glow Facial➡️
EP. 7- Bridal Facial➡️
EP. 8- Clay Mask (Pores) ➡️
EP. 9- Lighten Dark Lips/ Lip Care➡️
EP. 10- Rice Facial➡️
EP. 11- Body Tan Removal ➡️
EP. 12- Sun Tan Removal➡️
EP. 13- Hair Growth Protein Pack ➡️

The Most Important Part for this Look: CONFIDENCE.

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

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  1. Ananya Artistry
    Ananya Artistry says:

    Hope kore tomra amr Skincare Routine Part #1 pochondo korecho!! I have SENSITIVE, COMBINATION Skin…My skin is NOWHERE near flawless or perfect…BUT..these are some simple steps that I ALWAYS rely on when I from suffer from Acne, Rashes, Inflammation…BASICALLY BAD SKIN DAYS lol.. Judi eita pochondo koro….let me know if tomra amr in depth skincare routine chaow in PART#2. LOVE YOU !!!

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