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PM Routine Here

AM Skincare

Cleanse 7:51

*Belif Headband NA
*Jordan Samuel After Show Plie Cleanser
The Rag Co Microfiber Clothes
*Krave Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser
*Origins Original Skin Cleansing Makeup Removing Jelly
Tarte Deep Dive Cleansing Gel Rainforest of the Sea
Tata Harper Nourishing Oil Cleanser
*Dermalogica PreCleanse
*Drunk Elephant Best No 9

Acid Tone 14:38

*Tarte Knockout
P50 1970
Shiseido Cotton

Essence 19:33

*SK-II Essence
Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence
DHC CoQ10 Lotion

Eye Cream 25:01

*Drunk Elephant C-Tango
Benton Fermentation Eye Cream

HA 31:21

Hada Labo Moist
Hada Labo Premium

Vitamin C 37:02

Drunk Elephant C Firma
Mad Hippie Vitamin C

Hydration 41:14

Hadao Labo Moisturizing Milk
Drunk Elephant B Hydra
Hado Labo Premium
Drunk Elephant Protini

Richer Moisturizers 43:55

Dr Jart Ceramidin Liquid
Dear Klairs Rich Moist Cream
Embryolisse Cream Concentrate
Farmacy Honey Savoir

Spritz 45:23

Missha Mist

Oil 45:50

Vintner’s Daughter

SPF 47:49

Drunk Elephant Tinted Umbra

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

42 replies
  1. Stephanie Nicole
    Stephanie Nicole says:

    I have been holding this waiting for my PM routine. I am not satisfied with the sound, so I am reshooting that. I have had some health issues going on. So, me first. Then videos. As most know, I work a lot. Thats why I have been MIA. PM video will be up next, then my video on Derma Planing & laser hair removal.

  2. chenzarella
    chenzarella says:

    Super late reply but when using the drunk elephant vitamin c and b hydra do u layer the good genes Over the top so hard trying to get an answer from Mecca or anyone giving details always saying use at different times like night but then I can’t use it over vitamin a 😂omg it’s driving me nuts , your view would be great given ur experience with good genes .

  3. Kathy Wood
    Kathy Wood says:

    Excellent video, as always!! Love that your kitty joined for part of it. He is precious! I love how you make fun of the haters and ppl that leave stupid comments. You handle it so well. 💙👍

  4. Chelsey Lynn
    Chelsey Lynn says:

    “The only way not to age is to die” 🤣 so true! I HATE the term “anti aging “ 😑 🙏🏼 for another honest af video ❤️❤️❤️👍🏻👍🏻

  5. Pamela Faulkner
    Pamela Faulkner says:

    Stephanie Nicole… u R. Wealth of inspiration, information & interesting. Thanks 4 all u gift to us beauty geeks. I ordered on YES Style bunches of the essence (can’t think of the names) that u recommend. Can u please tell me what name of glycolic you use and where to buy it?

  6. 808harajukubarbiie
    808harajukubarbiie says:

    Always love how informational your videos are. I starter getting more into my skincare and my skin has been looking more amazing. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication the quality is always the best.

  7. RandyandCyndi Baker
    RandyandCyndi Baker says:

    I tried to share you content and this is word for word , I copied and Pasted it for you the ERROR mess. This message. (Your message couldn't be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive.)

  8. Elize Mees
    Elize Mees says:

    Hi love, I’ve been watching a lot of your skincare video’s lately. I’ve been trying to find a skincare routine that works for me. But I feel everything is breaking me out. I’ve tried so much already, sometimes I just cleanse my face and be done with it, because that’s the only step that doesn’t break me out. I see you talk about drunk elephant a lot. For me it’s on the expensive side, but if you think it could work I’d like to try it out. I have tried products from The Ordinary (because they are more affordable) but they break me out too. I noticed Drunk Elephant has a sample set, so it would be good to get that first. I have oily, acne prone skin. Would you reccommend Drunk Elephant for that type of skin? Thank you!

  9. Evie Duran
    Evie Duran says:

    "Do some research before you bitch so at least you can learn to bitch intelligently." You just earned a like and subscription from me! Love it.

  10. Chanel Froberg
    Chanel Froberg says:

    I love hado Labo Hyaluronic Acid gel cream. It has saved my skin right now as it’s winter and I’m working on cystic acne areas with benzoyl Peroxide and salicylic acid. It’s also fragrance free and relatively cheap on amazon.

  11. Nina Kemperle
    Nina Kemperle says:

    Just a little confused, what is the difference between the hyaluronic step and then the hydration one later? Aren’t they both doing the same thing?

  12. Libby1031
    Libby1031 says:

    So watching this video again I have a question. If the moisturizer you're using has those occlusives should you use the oil first?

  13. dreamauroraj
    dreamauroraj says:

    this is my third time watching this video (cuz whenever I want skincare advice I come straight to Stephanie), I still cracked up when you say ' ppl complaining me having boobs,…, ppl are weird' LOL

  14. Sophia K
    Sophia K says:

    Something confused me: You say that vitamin C needs a low PH level for it to be effective, yet you put it on after essences and hyaluronic acid. In your old skincare routine, you put in on right after the P50.
    I trying to get into this stuff but I'm so confused. I have the Pixi tonic and the Tarte knockout to see which one I like more. But many advice to use vitamin c before the Pixi…..while you do it the other way around.
    I'm confused, can someone explain this to me?

  15. Taco Belle
    Taco Belle says:

    I have dry skin too & I’m so glad that I only got the sample size of the Beste No. 9 because it made my skin feel really tight! I use their bar cleansers or Purity by Philosophy as they both don’t make my skin feel tight and stripped!😬

  16. Nora R
    Nora R says:

    After watching two of your educational videos and 5 minutes of this video, I've come to the conclusion that I freaking love you. You're great!

  17. Darcy L
    Darcy L says:

    Cats are distracting but in the BEST way possible. I love my Sir Gatsby Robert Plant McCartney. Love your info and thank you for taking the time to make really good and informative videos.

  18. yikesitshotdog
    yikesitshotdog says:

    So would you be using the good genes in place of the tarte knockout in both am and pm? I love how you have everything in order but im just confused on when I should be using my good genes

  19. jenny koppy
    jenny koppy says:

    Man, Just rewatched this. I believe it would be much later- perhaps May – when you revealed you and the Keegster had broken up in March?? I remember when I first watched this thinking, "She's off- stress, sadness, something." And when you told us all you'd been through it made sense. I hope you are feeling inside as well and happy as you're coming across on YT and Instagram lately!

  20. Robin Adkins
    Robin Adkins says:

    I love you, woman. I just watched the video with your Mom. I adore you both. I so value your input on products. There are just too many out there to buy and try,

  21. Aga S
    Aga S says:

    I’m sorry if I have missed it, but you mentioned when you were washing your face that you don’t get your face wet before using the jelly cleanser. Do you use the same technique every morning no matter the cleanser or is it just with that one?

  22. Kate
    Kate says:

    thinnest consistency to thickest sounds so obvious when you actually hear it said out loud and explained but the amount of time I have spent trying to work out what order to use products in without knowing the reasoning thats such a great explanation.

  23. Kara Huser
    Kara Huser says:

    Love the routine! Thanks for that. I also order Korean products and I found Jolse is cheaper and faster than yesstyle. Just a hint 😉 they also carry may coop raw sauce, I’m not affiliated btw 😊

  24. Jane Fejzic
    Jane Fejzic says:

    I love your skincare routine so much! Especially because you choose affordable and expensive products instead of only expensive and that is authentic! Bought some of the products and have to say thank you for the great recommendation! 😍 ❤️

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