Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

It has to be said I’m a lazy tanner. I generally only tan the bits that can be seen, I’m sure I can’t be alone in this. My favorites are James Read H2O Tan Mist for the face and for the body either St Tropez or Xen-Tan with a mitt So when Amanda Harrington who is known as the “Michelangelo of Tan” came to visit me, I was intrigued to try out her new self tan range and be treated to a pro application. Amanda started her career as a Makeup and Body Artist, sculpting and transforming bodies by painting and contouring on film sets and editorial shoots. After 15 years of tanning experience and executing over 10,000, tans she has just launched her much-anticipated first product line, Amanda Harrington London. Her personalised and modern approach has earnt her a cult following with a client roster that reads like the who’s-who of Hollywood and London’s elite.

Amanda Harrington London launches in Harvey Nichols on 3rd June. There will be a select amount of appointments throughout June at Harvey Nichols in London and in July at the regional stores for customers to book in for an Amanda Harrington tan with one of the pro tanners.

If you can’t get to a store you can purchase the tanning products from Amanda Harrington London using the link below:

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

23 replies
  1. Just Me
    Just Me says:

    This is neither revelatory nor particularly interesting. Sub-par for Ted.
    And the Scientist sounds as if she communicates with children A LOT.
    Adults: not so much, it seems.

  2. Holly
    Holly says:

    Wow you look amazing with this tan on! Love the contouring with self tan idea. I love makeup but there's nothing better than feeling like you don't need any makeup because you're skin is glowing from a great fake tan

  3. Roberta de Lima
    Roberta de Lima says:

    Difficult to choose a colour as the product is much more expensive than average (& good) brands – if you get it wrong, you would have spent over £75…
    I understood that those who have olive skin but are pale from UK “sun” would still choose “olive” colour

  4. Alexis in LA
    Alexis in LA says:

    Looks sooo flattering on you, Caroline. Really interesting product. Thank you for sharing Amanda's line.
    I'm very, very fair. My grandfather was a production designer on films and had several near brushes with skin cancer after coming back from various shoots so I've been paranoid my whole life to be out in the sun. Sometimes though, I'd like to achieve a nice healthy glow without the risks.

    Amanda–will your product be available to The US market?

    – Alexis in Los Angeles

  5. Dani Halling
    Dani Halling says:

    You look phenomenal! This was such a pleasure to watch and listen to! I love Amanda’s method! Side note: How beautiful is she!? I got total Jennifer Anniston vibes from her!🌸✨ Great Video xx

  6. Miss Caroline
    Miss Caroline says:

    Fabulous video. Very informative. I ordered my face kit straight away. I am very fair with cool undertone and redness on my cheeks. All the previous self tanners that I have tried have made me look yellow (and ill). Looking forward to trying the kit and see if I can get away with not wearing foundation this summer. Thank you Caroline and Amanda! 😊

  7. Julie Darby
    Julie Darby says:

    Great video. Thanks for bringing this brand and others to our attention. Love your channel. It is the best out there in my opinion. Learnt so much from you, thank you.

  8. Florinda Lucero
    Florinda Lucero says:

    What about flaky dry facial skin? Did I miss instruction re exfoliation specific to the face? If one uses oils/serums, is that not recommended prior to an application? How to clean the brushes? As typical makeup brushes?

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