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Recently on my Instagram page (@silvousplaits_hairstyling), I did one hairstyle from every episode of Vikings that have come out so far. This one, worn by Lagertha in season 3 episode 4, is very eye catching and highly requested, so here’s the tutorial! If you love a big braid with lots of volume, this is the style for you.

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Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Hair Length: at least bra strap length (BSL)
Materials: foam hair donut, bobbypins, small elastics (hair extensions optional)
Skills needed: French braid
Time cost: 20-50 minutes
ideal hairtype: straight or wavy

Playlist of more Vikings hair tutorials:

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22 replies
  1. Madeline Smith
    Madeline Smith says:

    You are obviously talented at braiding but you are even more talented at teaching, seriously thank you for clear, concise, easy to understand instructions! I almost always feel like someone omitted a step in their tutorials but not on yours, really well done.

  2. calichef1962
    calichef1962 says:

    Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I have been in awe of the hairstyles on Vikings since the first episode. Thank you for demystifying the styles a little for me. I knew they had to be using some sort of hair enhancements. I'm just sad that my hair has thinned so much as I've gotten older. I wouldn't have enough hair to make this style work, not even if I had the "rat" to work with. I could maybe do a regular French braid around a "rat," but I don't have thick enough hair to make the three French braids required for this style.

  3. Kady Chapman
    Kady Chapman says:

    These types of looks are so cool, but I have to flat-iron my hair to do even the most basic braid, but then I lose the natural volume of my hair. It's a conundrum I must say! My hands may just be clumsy though! 😂

  4. Carrie Taylor
    Carrie Taylor says:

    I have NEVER understood how to french braid (I am left handed and confuse the righties that have tried to teach me) BUT, with your explanation I finally UNDERSTAND it!!! I am totally going to be rocking this braid, thank you for the excellent video!!!

  5. Robin Gillies
    Robin Gillies says:

    do you have any videos or advice about how to make a hair piece out of your own loose hairs collected while brushing? an entire handful of my hair comes out every time I wash or brush it, and I now have an Ziploc bag full of hair. I would like to use it to make a hair piece to add volume when I style my hair, but I'm not sure how. thanks.

  6. Shaelynn Moon
    Shaelynn Moon says:

    The cut hair doughnut used with clip in extensions to create volume without teasing is genius! It's going to make so many styles look so much better and be so much easier for me to do. I can't wait to try this great hair hack! Thanks so much for sharing it.

  7. Anthony A
    Anthony A says:

    Fuck that's sexy. Oh what am I doing here, I'm not a girl and my hair isn't long enough. 😀

    Yo yall are lucky you can (possibly) do this lol..

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