Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

When it comes to mineral makeup, you fall into one of three categories. You either love it, hate it or you haven’t tried it yet. This tutorial is for the latter of the bunch. If you tried mineral makeup (or haven’t yet) and didn’t get beautiful, even coverage, then the problem might be in the application. Mineral makeup should make your skin look velvety smooth and feel light on. Watch this video and learn how to avoid the most common mineral makeup application mistakes so that you can fall in love with mineral makeup. Also, learn about a brush from It Cosmetics that is the perfect tool and just happens to be in the latest NewBeauty TestTube.

Anna’s outift by: Lavender Brown

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

17 replies
  1. Jenna Monique
    Jenna Monique says:

    I used Bare Minerals for years but it was drying my skin out even with moisturizer so I started using Physicians Formula Super BB Cream and I use the Bare Minerals to set it. Love the combo 🙂

  2. lynette longmire
    lynette longmire says:

    Great tips,I have a question should you use any powder to set your mineral Foundation on top of the skin to keep it matte,I use the matte formulation and the mally pore defender to control my oils.Thxs lynette3232

  3. Big Sky Skinz
    Big Sky Skinz says:

    I received my first TestTube last week and was so incredibly happy with it.  I made a review video on the 17th and have since had 5 subscribers order it with several more on the fence.  My question is…I know I get a free tube for every sign up, so essentially, my next year worth (not including shipping of course)  But I had already purchased May's.  So will my 29.95 be refunded to my cc?? 

  4. Donna Hilbig
    Donna Hilbig says:

    My daughter just got married September 1st this year. Weather was great! Suggestion… Write down on paper what pictures you want otherwise you will forget that dat and the next day you will say ohhhh I forgot to take this picture. You will make a beautiful bride

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