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This video is a mix of a Getting Ready video and all of my tips to help you get 100% ready the night before and morning of your First Day of School!! I hope you like it!
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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

46 replies
  1. Oto Maka
    Oto Maka says:

    Hello, This is some random dude. 💂 With big hair
    he needs a HairCut at a barbershop but he has no money 💸💸💸

    1 Like = 1 Dollar 😁😁😁

  2. Siti Norkiah
    Siti Norkiah says:

    my school morning routine
    1.brush my teeth
    2.go to shower my breakfast
    4.take my school uniform
    5.put on my shoes
    6.go to school

    yup, my school not allowed girls to wear makeup
    and not allowed us to paint our nails

  3. Kerrie Johnson
    Kerrie Johnson says:

    How have is only just found this video?!?! Your tips are amazing and so helpful! I love your tone in this video your so happy! I'm definitely subscribing xxx

  4. Letitia
    Letitia says:

    this video was really helpful although i do not have school for a few weeks but at least im prepared. you gained yourself a new subscriber!

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