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Here at Sam Villa, we make it a point to offer as much value as possible to all hairdressers by giving you options, because let’s face it – not every technique that we demonstrate will be right for every guest that sits in your chair.

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This week, we’re excited to share another face framing technique that is especially great for your guests with long layered hair. By utilizing a V-shaped design technique, you will provide your medium to coarse haired guests the perfect face frame with the right amount of lightness and movement! Don’t forget to use your favorite Redken products to finish this look!

Check out the Sam Villa blog for in-depth information about this face framing technique:

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

45 replies
  1. kevin Swinyer
    kevin Swinyer says:

    You show nice techniques, but I prefer to continue to use my Creaclip tools, they work perfectly to help create the same exact face framing layer style, without having to waste time to section off the hair.

  2. Sam Sung
    Sam Sung says:

    Great thank you for the great ideal. I tried in my hair it and it worked perfect. Every time i go to the guy that cuts my hair he chopps it off. I have a cosmetoligist licenses but have not used it in years. So a big hug to you. ❤❤❤

  3. Lacey Lovely
    Lacey Lovely says:

    I try not to cut my own hair or other's hair (I've actually been banned from cutting everyone else's hair) but i must say for a home-cut haircut (which hairdressers can normally see right thru)-apart from being a little uneven (practice makes perfect) and its very hard to cut your own hair-I think this is my Best Haircut ever…we'll see what the Hairdresser says in 2-3 months time…lol.

  4. Karen Sue  Pohlmeier
    Karen Sue Pohlmeier says:

    Great job!! I need to get a haircut but I hate going to get a trim as it seems like the stylist never hear a word I say and cuts at least 12 inches off!! It's frustrating!! I said an inch not 12 inches!! How can I get the stylist to listen to me?!?

  5. Suzanne Laemers Bondy
    Suzanne Laemers Bondy says:

    What would you do for face framing very long hair, longer than your model’s? It seems that you would not be able to cut to the bottom of the hair. Would you stop short of the bottom (for low back length hair)? Thanks…I love these videos.

  6. Alice Morales-Urteaga
    Alice Morales-Urteaga says:

    Love his cutting technique. Who else is terrible when it comes to losing the guide 😩. I went to Beauty school very young age and I couldn't grasp the idea of blending and such. Now that I'm a little older I believe I'd be so much better the 2nd time thru.

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