Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

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This is the plastic palette I’m using here:!


Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

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  1. xDaniDragonflyx
    xDaniDragonflyx says:

    That is a crazy long process but is pretty simple. I just don't know that I'm patient enough to make my own nail vinyls that way. Your nails look great though!

  2. sweetpuppy120489
    sweetpuppy120489 says:

    I have a paint palette with a shiny side and when I tried out a spot and when polish dried, it did not peel. I use a shiny bag instead and it work well. However, when I tried to use sharpie to draw a  design, and then applied the nail polish on, it pretty much blur out or bleed the sharpie which ruin the design. Do you have any tips? Help pls?

  3. Rita K
    Rita K says:

    Every day I see yet another nail artist figure out another great way of decorating nails – this is wonderfully unique!  They look fantastic!  I've got to try this out!

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