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Here’s my Evening Skincare Routine for younger looking skin!
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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

46 replies
  1. Laura Mair
    Laura Mair says:

    Hi Angie!! Can you recomend a sunscreen for dry mature skin, try the tinted Australian but it dry my skin… thank you in advance!! Im 62 and start your skin routine and my skin improve.

  2. Lisa Mcneil
    Lisa Mcneil says:

    Hi Angie… Living by your videos. I have purchased all the serums but im still confused. Do i use the matrixyl, vitamin C, hyloronic acid, co Q 10, and the others twice a day or just once? And what is a weekly routine? And mask that you suggest? I have normal to dry a lil oily in the T zone. Im also using the nuface. Any help would be great because i have put alot if money into starting this routine. 😘 Thank you so much!!!

  3. Cathy Smith
    Cathy Smith says:

    I'm pretty sure I'm going to come across as a "hater" which I'm not, but who can afford to buy this many creams, lotions and ointments and who can afford to have a "few" procedures done as you have? I would like to see some skin care videos of women who are in their 50's and 60's, as I am, who have not had procedures done. Sorry, don't mean to sound negative, but not sure these videos are realistic unless you've had the same procedures.

  4. Judi Goldfarb
    Judi Goldfarb says:

    Like your pm routine I use same Retin a as you. My question can I put my lighter eeigjt serums & peptides on before? Or do u wan the Retin a first? Thsnk you

  5. Diana Molinaro
    Diana Molinaro says:

    I love that you let us know all this ,but I get overwhelmed. What video should I watch so I know what you use now in 2018 I don't buy stuff I don't need .Plz lmk help! Also do you still use the vitamin c ECT. Thank you

  6. Bonnie Anderson
    Bonnie Anderson says:

    Hi Angie, I know this is an older video, but I wanted to re-review it. I know you still use Retin-a, so I decided to start using it as well. In addition, I just bought Sunday Riley's Good Genes. Can you tell me how I can use these products together? I want to minimize the chance of adverse interactions. Both are very strong products. Thank you!! I am a big fan of yours!

  7. Alex ia
    Alex ia says:

    Hi Angie, is this still your actual routine? Why do you use two creams (both with niacinamide) io one? And why did you stop using rosehipseedoil? I've just received my first Differin gel so very curious to learn how to use best on my dry (dehydrated) skin.

  8. Linda Ågren
    Linda Ågren says:

    Hi. I love you videos and now that l’m turning 45 l am very intrested in anti aging. Many of the produkts is hard to find in sweden but luckyly there is internet so l can order there. My wonder is this: it ia very sunny in the summer in sweden and l’m going to holiday in the sun. Shall l wait start using retinol until after summer? And can l start with all the other products.? Of course l will use sunfaktor in the sun.

  9. Elizabeth Detrich
    Elizabeth Detrich says:

    I'm wondering what you think about the Mad Hippie face cream? It has peptides, CoQ10, Matrixyl Synthe 6, Niacinamide, Resveratrol, green tea, it seems like a nutrient-packed moisturizer.

  10. Craft Your Happiness
    Craft Your Happiness says:

    Hello Angie! What would you suggest for the cleansing part of the nighttime routine for someone who has not worn makeup for the day? (Or seldom wears it.) Should I still use both CeraVe Foaming Cleanser AND Mad Hippie? (I could not find the Hydrating Cleanser for normal to oily skin even on their site which is why I purchased the foaming as it was for oily skin. ~ Nancy (Or do I even need BOTH cleansers if I've not worn makeup?)

  11. Brittani Hanson
    Brittani Hanson says:

    Hi! I'm happy I found your post! I recently turned 30 & decided it was time for an anti aging skin care routine! A friend recently told me about R+F Redefine line – I always get skeptical with those companies. I'm glad I watched your video before I invested in those products. So, question for you. Do you think your morning, or night routine could be used for both? I'm looking to keep it simple. So which products would you recommend that I could use A.M. and P.M.? Thanks!

  12. Funny Girl
    Funny Girl says:

    this is I guess the 5th time I am watching this video within a year. this time, because I was looking up one of the creams you use, that I want to recommend to a friend… so I don't remember if I did comment this video before. maybe that is repetitiive. Ok. let's do it anyway :-), what you experienced when stopped using the toner, I experienced too. though I didn't use any particular anti aging products at that time. I didn't understand then what it is. it seems like, it also doesn't matter if I would use a toner with or without alcohol. but it ssemes to be like this. after using water on the face, the barrier seems to be 'not ready' for creams or what ever. so the products on the skin surface seem to chellenge the skin. a toner seems to change the barrier in a gentle way so that really does make a difference. if I am not wrong it is a bit like dew on the leaves. the water tension is different. I am not sure about the exact science because I wasn't going to much into the details then. it seemed to make sense and it was what I observed. so maybe you can do that if you want to address that topic again sometime :-D.

    Just wanted to mention that because I e.g. use a toner from dr. hauschka and that one has alcohol in it. it was surprising in a way because it in europe it is sold as a product line that meets the EU regulations for natural or organic skin care (I don't know them in detail. I just remember, there was a big discussion going on in the background. in the end some companies, e.g. like dr. hauschka stopped producing sun screen and they don't have a product with spf on it. not as daycream or in their foundation. other brands do have products with spf, I just heard from a distribtor once, they had difficulties to incorporate that in a way that would be aproved and meet their own standards regarding the results…… so I guess these regulations might also be the reason why now there is alcohol in it (I guess the alternative preservatives are not always better?). I might be wrong, but I what I remember, it didn't contain alcohol 20 years ago. but you mentioned that there is different kind of alcohol. one is too drying for the skin and the other is not. I forgot what the difference was. I was trying to find that comment from you on your channel. maybe you can mention it again in a different context. because I have changed and tried different products over the past 25 years (I am 46) but I came back to toner and some other products from that brand. and this is great even though I have a sensitive combo skin. so I know I am sensitive to other harsch toners or gentle toners that sitll contai alcohol. but this one is ok for me. I wonder why that is?

  13. suzanne WannaBee
    suzanne WannaBee says:

    suzanne rochester
    I am 67 years of age is it too late for me to use the products you refer to in your videos to do any good. I am currently using in the morning, CeraVe hydrating cleansing lotion, vitamin c Timeless serum and Cerave Pm moisturising lotion, I then apply a primer and then liquid foundation SPF 15, then eye makeup. At night I cleanse with CeraVe Hydrating Lotion, use an eye makeup remover, apply eye cream around eyes, then use Thatchers Witch Hazel before applying Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream.

    As I have just started using, at night, tretinoin cream u.s.p. 0.05%, putting it on last Saturday night for the first time and for the second time tonight as suggested will be taking it slowly once a week for a month, then two nights a week for a month and increase from there. Unfortunately, as yet, I have been unable to purchase the Timeless Q10, the Ordinary lactic Acid or the Timeless Matrixyl 6 serum, or wonder cloths but will be doing so when I can.
    At least tell me if this regime is correct for me in the meantime and it's not too late.

  14. Patricia Schexnaildre
    Patricia Schexnaildre says:

    Hi Angie….thank you for your great help!! I need some advice on a good am moisturizer. I love CeraVe products…but the am moisturizer makes my face have that balling and peeling. Could you suggest a few good ones from the drug store that aren't greasy. I appreciate it so much!!!

  15. Michelle Adine
    Michelle Adine says:

    Do you wait for a period of time after applying toner, before Retin-A? I've heard applying directly after (when skin is stil damp from toner) can cause irritation.

    Thank you!!

  16. Cheryl Traylor
    Cheryl Traylor says:

    Love your channel and the way you put yourself out there. Keep up the great job!!! Look to your channel whenever I have a question about a product. You've most likely already tried it.

  17. Kells
    Kells says:

    Hey Angie . Do you still use the revitalash ? If so , how is it for you . I've just purchased it from New Zealand and I also ordered the revitabrow !!! For both products I paid $265 AU 🙁 as it turns out you used one product for your brows and lashes .. I feel like an idiot now … geee I hope it works out for me .

  18. Jo Dunlap
    Jo Dunlap says:

    where the heck have you been for the last 10 yrs? i hope it's not too late for me.. I'd love your opnion re: microneedling (done by physician) followed by collegen injections drawn from your own blood and given by the doctor?

  19. Lisa Coryer
    Lisa Coryer says:

    Does your insurance cover your prescription Retina A? Mine does not because I'm over the age of 18 and it's considered cosmetic. Just wondering how in the world you obtain a prescription if it's cosmetic at this point.

  20. Carol A
    Carol A says:

    Just revisited this video this morning. Your skincare videos are the best. Have you changed anything since this night skincare video? Just wondering when and if one would be coming out…or did I miss it? Sometimes I get overwhelmed with advice (all good), but just too much. I am really trying to KISS it. Take care:)

  21. Gina Nunnery
    Gina Nunnery says:

    Angie, you look amazing! I'm so addicted to your videos. I've learned so much about my skin. Thank you! I do have a question, have you had your lips tattooed? I'm your age and my lips have faded so much that you can't tell where my lip line is and all of my friends say the same about theirs. If not is there something that you use to help with the color?

  22. J MS
    J MS says:

    +HotandFlashy I'm putting together a skincare routine for my mom (and learning a bit for myself!). Question: Is it too much to use Differin and then Radha Beauty Retinol Moisturizer Cream for Face and Eye after? She'd moisturize with Neutrogena Hydro Boost after cleansing then use these two products. Thanks so much!!!

  23. Lisa Locke
    Lisa Locke says:

    Rewatching this as I just got my first RentinA scrip at .05 strength and wanted to refresh on all the info you provided. Now I recall where I got the idea for those amazing wondercloths! I love those! Best ever!

  24. BackuesFamily
    BackuesFamily says:

    Hi Angie! I've been watching and enjoying your videos for about a month now. Thanks so much for taking care of our age group! 😁 Question on the creams in this video…why do you use BOTH the Mad Hippie and Neutrogena? I wasn't clear on the differences.

  25. kalliski
    kalliski says:

    Hi HotandFlashy, I love your videos and try to follow your routine. I'm just looking for a good cruelty free replacement to your Olay Cream. Any suggestions? Thank you so much for help!

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