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Ever wondered how to get those perfect curls using only a straightening iron? Well you’re in luck! I’m showing you this super easy technique to get those beautiful bouncy curls!

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

49 replies
  1. courtney puidk
    courtney puidk says:

    I used to curl my hair with my Chi straightener when it was shorter and i haven’t been able to get the hang of it now that my hair is long! I can’t wait to try this way, thank you!

  2. Melinda Christie
    Melinda Christie says:

    This is so easy to understand.
    I was taught to create ribbon tight curls, hold the end of the hair after u do the 1 and half turns using a constant slower pace to let the hair heat up . For Beachy waves only turn so the hair or plates are facing u or u make a v with the hair and move quicker. U can also leave the ends un curled & for a blow out Voluminous look after u do the curls lwt them cool &pin them to the base of your head. For the crown we redirect the hair before we start go close to the scalp as we can and section yhe hair as if we were doing a roller set.
    Wgen.i 1dst started I could do other ppl easily & achieve gorgeous bouncy curls with lots of volum but on myself I was doing 1 side perfect and the other side i wasn't doing it correctly. It looked way different. I was putting the flat iron over my head on my non dominate side & instead of doing the same thing each side of my head. On my left hand side I was going down the hair shaft keeping tension but wrapping the hair under the plates. I was starting from the top flipping the section under the plates making sure that u can see the hair at the side of your head or on front depending on how curly i was doing it.
    I personally believe when u do it on someone else the technique is so different. Then we assume to do it tht exact way on ourselves. But in fact u dont. On clients when we are standing behind and wrap the hair until so its facing us then tension is always applied just like a ribbon once u can see the hair is facing us we pull the hair at a slow consistent speed. On ourselves we must hold it vertically . For loose beachy waves or curls we move faster but always at the same pace and around 1 inch of hair no thicker than the plate grabbing vertical 1 inch sections except for the crown evenly over the hair. For tight ringlet curls hold the iron verticallyTHErs so many curls we can get with a flat iron . I have a Nume conditioning flat iron im wondering if it needs to be at such a high temperature no one should go past 170 degrees because despite wht ppl think heat protection sprays do nothing. We have hyrdobonds tht allow us to totally change the look only heat on this situation damages the hair shaft.Thts wht we can get our hair to go curly or blow waved the hyrdobonds is wht allows us to maie our hair go from frizzy split into shiny smooth hair. Just tho i would share this info w you. Because i get so annoyed when ppl harp on about using heat protectors when they have no clue yet still tell ppl off .
    I'm a Nail tech and Beauty Therapist and did hairdressing for a yr or so too so that's where I learnt hw haur gets damaged. Thts not to say that not cutting or coloring your hair won't contribute to damaging the hair. I do.know the hair must be at a hotter temp to get tight curls. But i don't think it's required to put it too high. t
    Thts wht will really damage our hair the hyrdobonds they can't repair once damaged . We have 2 bonds basically 1 tht let's us achieve that go from frizzy a hot mess to beautiful gorgeous hairstyles but the other don't repair themselves. So u can imagine how damaging a heat tool without any temperature controls are. Ghd don't but are used primarily in the salon for curls not straightening. I love learning anything to do with beauty I'm now intrigued by the hot brushes tht look like a normal hair brush expecially to get curls with volume .
    I have worked out, if u wrap the hair around it like a wand with the brush facing down like a curling iron wand it works . I personally prefer the way a hairdresser does it. Like u do with a hairdryer and round brush. Thanks for sharing this video! !! Save your $$$ tht u spend on heat protectors and get hair treatments masks & regular trims are vital to keep healthy hair and the less heat is always best. Braids and hairpieces to create hairstyles tht don't require hot tools all is wht i prefer. But if u don't ever set the temperature over 170 to 180% max! You can use apply heated tools of any kind everyday without any damaging occurring. So to some it up if u set your hot tool above 180% max u will definitely fry your hair and not keeping it trimmed every 6 to 8wks will also split the ends. Once the ends are spilt as your hair grows it will continue to spilt right up the hair shaft creating frizzy spilt hair. Bleaching/colouring the hair, too often, will also increase the damage expecially if not done by a hairdresser. Conditioning treatments and good quality products tht are from a hairdresser or beauty supplier are best ie shampoos & conditioners tht don't contain sulfate (soap ) it shouldn't lather up like most do they will add silicon making the hair appear shiny but is really stripping the hair of moisture and a hair mask or overnight treatment not washing the hair much instead use dry shampoo bc everytime we wash our hair we are stripping it of its health natural ooldls & moisture.
    Unfortunately tje general public aren't aware of these facts unless your in the industry. So i thought I would like to help u keep ur gorgeous hair for yrs to come. Your doing a wonderful job well done 😄

  3. Bianca Martinez
    Bianca Martinez says:

    Ok I just want to say thank you. I tried this technique it was literally the first time I have ever even tried to style my hair and you made it so easy and I feel beautiful so thank you so much

  4. Niamh
    Niamh says:

    OMG this legit is the ONLY video that ACTUALLY WORKS!! I’ve been searching YouTube to find a good video for 2 DAYS. THANK YOU 💕

  5. tymerie steinhauer
    tymerie steinhauer says:

    I've been trying for hours and watched the video like 20 times and still can't get it MIGHT just be that my hairs really long and when i try it with a curling iron and my curls never stay i thought this would work but i guess not. DAMN IT.

  6. Rachel Wagner
    Rachel Wagner says:

    This technique I guess works if you have the time to keep practicing it. I managed to get four really nice curls but it got to the point where I couldn't get any more to curl. My hair is really thick so just getting four was an achievement. I gave up and decided I'm going to buy a curling iron haha

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