Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

You’re going to love these Faux Dichroic Glass Gemstones! They are soooo sparkly and so quick and easy to create! Be careful though, once you start, you may not stop! 🙂
Sorry if I made you dizzy at the start of the tutorial :/

Check out my tutorial where I show you how to incorporate one of these beauties into your polymer clay 🙂

Giveaway info: On May 7th, 2019, 2 random people will be chosen to receive a pack of the Holographic Mylar Flakes from RJCrafts.
(Open to USA residents only)
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The winners will be announced on my Facebook page here: happy creating and GOOD LUCK!!

Product and supplies used:

RJCrafts Holo Mylar Flakes:

Faceted Gemstones Resin Mold:

Limino UV Resin:

Born Pretty No Wipe Uv Gel Top Coat:

UV Nail Lamp:

TKB Silicone Bowls:

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

36 replies
    EMMA PARSONS says:

    These are gorgeous. Just like real gems. Such beautiful colours and sparkle. So sorry I'm not in the USA 😣 shipping is so expensive from the US to the UK 🙁 never mind …. love the video 🤗😊

  2. DragonFire8745
    DragonFire8745 says:

    Not to be rude but you should really use nitrile gloves and a respirator ( if you dont) to protect your health. Resin can cause major health issues and even cause allergic reactions with huge rashes and even swelling. It's nothing to take lightly
    Other than that your pieces are gorgeous. 🙂

  3. Paula Hudon
    Paula Hudon says:

    That is the worse background I have seen. You can not see what you are doing in the video. You really need to change it to a solid calm color.

  4. louise dery
    louise dery says:

    Once again another awesome tutorial. Great tips and so much appreciated by this newbie 🙂 I want to use resin gems to make jeweler with jump rings so how do i put a hole in the gem to use jump rings or thread wire through them?

  5. Sunny Park
    Sunny Park says:

    I just got into crafting using UV resin and I love how simple it is to make these beautiful gems! I might try making earrings! And if I may suggest, put washi tape on a bottle cap and stick your gem on there so that when you color, the marker doesn't get on you. Thank you for the great tutorial and giveaway!

  6. Diane Wong
    Diane Wong says:

    I love the video but noticed that the items on the links were sold out – great work! Obvoiusly your fans loved the video and the products!

  7. Lisa Raker
    Lisa Raker says:

    Love the video! I've been a bit afraid to get into resin and just started experimenting with it. Love the faux dichroic! Hoping to do some necklaces for our church craft fair.

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