Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

43 replies
  1. Laura Gonzales
    Laura Gonzales says:

    Thank you. I couldn't help but giggle because I have made all of the mistakes when it comes to self tanner. I am better at it but still don't have it down to a science. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Lola Kathol
    Lola Kathol says:

    Great video Tracy! I have used the dry brush before, but never baking soda. Great tip! I’m going to try this. I’m all for self tanners year legs especially I focus on in the summer time. I have spider vaines on my ankles and on the back of my legs and a few around the sides of my knee caps. This helps disguise them. Thank you for the all the “info. Your skin always looks Beautiful by the way!😃

  3. Kathlyn Thompson
    Kathlyn Thompson says:

    I have used every one of these products except the last one, but I just learned HOW to use them which is so helpful!!! I wish there was a “tip jar” on here!!! Thank you ☺️

  4. Debby Lynch
    Debby Lynch says:

    I am naturally pale and don't care to be "tan", but living in Florida, I unavoidably get some color on my arms. I use the mousse version of the Jergens during the spring/summer months on my legs, just so I have a little "matching" color when wearing shorts daily. It's sure nice to have so many options now. Back in the old days, all we had was QT, lol!

  5. Princess & The Polish
    Princess & The Polish says:

    I've been self tanning for 2 years and I still learned from this! I also get build up in my arm pit-chest area. I find taking a makeup wipe and gently wiping over that area after applying over my entire body helps!

  6. Denise Vasquez Lemrick
    Denise Vasquez Lemrick says:

    Great tips!! Love the tan physics also but never had any luck with Jergens…I will keep my eyes peeled for that specific type of Jergens though….I have good luck with the Australian gold self tanning lotion for in between self tanning routines. The disinfectant wipes are crucial for me too!!! Thanks Tracy 😊

  7. Bogna Altman
    Bogna Altman says:

    I recall your recent self tanning 'adventure' that you have posted on Instagram stories. It gives me a giggle every time I remind myself of it. I so loved your attitude and humor in that video! As for self tanning, I always turn out looking like a leopard with yellow spots. I decided to embrace my Snow White side, but maybe now with your encouragement I will try again. I just have to make sure I don't need to drive anywhere with my son that day… 😀

  8. KJ Gulyban
    KJ Gulyban says:

    Great tips I always try to shave before self tanning too that’s where I have issues because my hair grows back fast but I usually only self tan in the summer

  9. Cindy Pass
    Cindy Pass says:

    Great video and tips. Does the Alpha Hydrox lotion not exfoliate your tan off sooner? I love that lotion too but have been afraid of using it while self tanning.

  10. Barb B
    Barb B says:

    I use a makeup sponge for my hands and feet. And on Amazon they have this velvet sort of ( not velvet) strap that makes its easy to do your back by yourself.

  11. Ranalynn’s Lifestyle & Beauty
    Ranalynn’s Lifestyle & Beauty says:

    Excellent video 🙌🏼. Wow…saw your upload and wanted to pop in and give you a thumbs up 👍🏼 up on a job well done 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼. See you when I return from vacation…🙃..hugs and kisses 😘. Ranalynn 🌺☀️🌴🏖✈️😌

  12. Brooke Carmody
    Brooke Carmody says:

    I’ve used all of them and love them, especially st tropez. I’m huge into self tanning and have tried SO many at this point You should try Loving Tan if you haven’t. That one is my ALL TIME FAVORITE. It’s pricey for the ounce-age you get, but it looks SO good. It has more of a brown/red undertone as opposed to st tropez’s green. It also doesn’t have a smell like st tropez does. Bali Body is a newer one that is slowly turning into a favorite and leaves the skin SUPER soft. Another good one is BondiSands. I like their express mousse that comes in an aerated foam as opposed to a pumped mousse. That’s similar to the st tropez ultra dark in color but a warmer undertone, also smells like coconut. Also leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturized. Those are my current go-to’s. In terms of the lotions, st tropez makes an awesome gradual that also tones and firms the skin. I used that as my regular body lotion. It does a great job of moisturizing but slowly helps to enhance the color while also firming the skin and reducing the appearance of cellulite and texture. I’m basically a self-tanning addict and am constantly looking for whatever is new and can be added to my collection haha

  13. Casey Marlin
    Casey Marlin says:

    Love you Tracy. I have a question. You mentioned things you wish you had done when your kids were little, can you make a video about that? Im sure it will be awesome! Thanks for your videos.

  14. Curlygirljj
    Curlygirljj says:

    I live on the VL Body Blur (they have a version for the face that is amazing too), so I need to try the Tan Physics product. Tracy, you are the self tanning Queen!

  15. Jess Bishop
    Jess Bishop says:

    Omg that tan physics product is soooo dark that it’s hard to believe I’d be able to wear white!
    How do you manage sleeping with the self tanner on? My sheets used to be all stained and I recently moved and replace all my bedding and now I’m scared of wearing self tanner and staining my brand new bedding.

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