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Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel 🖤
Today I’m bringing you what I hope is an easy option for you all who are looking to style with just Gel a-la The Curly Girl Handbook 😊

Mentioned in the video:
Bouncecurl Clarifying Shampoo
Bouncecurl Cream Conditioner
Bouncecurl Light Creme Gel

Root clips are from Sally’s
Flour sack towels are from Walmart
Blow dryer & diffuser are both from Sally’s

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

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  1. IrenesBeautyTimes
    IrenesBeautyTimes says:

    I received a comment about my saying that I don’t need for you to stand up for me when someone says I don’t have curly hair. That is my way of saying “Thank you for standing up for me but I don’t need anyone standing up for my wavy hair when there is a whole natural hair community that is not being stood up for.” THANK YOU ❤️

  2. That Expat Mom
    That Expat Mom says:

    Your hair omg 😍 great tutorial! I'm learning to stop fighting and embrace my wave living in El Salvador with 500%humidity isn't leaving me much option 😂

  3. S 23
    S 23 says:

    Can you make a video about second and third day hair? I am really struggling with it. It is never the same on second day. And we have similar hair. Thank you ❤

  4. Deborah Martin
    Deborah Martin says:

    I have wavy hair and i started cgm due to a halo of frizz. I still have frizz but not as bad. My children used to tease me it was so bad so i am happy with the difference. Wavy haired people need cgm as well as we have our own set of problems.

  5. long yarn
    long yarn says:

    Wavy, Curly … whatever, it's Beautiful and what youre doing is Working! Trolls will be trolls and they can take a long walk off a short pier. Bah! 😝

  6. NoThing Sacred
    NoThing Sacred says:

    I was just thinking the last time I washed my hair that next time, I'm going to scrunch excess water out first before applying my products. We seem to have very similar hair types – mine takes forever to dry as well – literally about 3.5 hours to air dry! Using a diffuser on cool or even warm doesn't seem to speed up the process very much.

  7. Clara Cseke
    Clara Cseke says:

    Could you make a video about your hair journey? Your hair is gorgeous and I’m curious about how you started your wavy hair journey …😊

  8. puggirl415 puggirl
    puggirl415 puggirl says:

    I like using the term textured hair. I have 2c waves and 3a curls and some weird hairs that don't seem to do either but aren't straight. Now that it's been 9 months since I started the CGM the weird ones are less and less. People should just quit correcting others and let people call their own hair whatever they want to. It's no ones place to judge.

  9. Morgan Miller
    Morgan Miller says:

    UPDATE: thanks to your reminder of us wavies being easily weighed down I fixed my hair routine and my hair turned out SO MUCH BETTER today

    Ahhhh I think you have the closest hair pattern to my own that I have found yet and I'm OBSESSED with the results you're getting! Lately my hair is falling flat and any "ringlets" I have turn into little curlies at the very end of my hair. After watching your videos I kind of realized that I probably can and should stop using heavier creams (I like the deva curl wavemaker) now that the weather is changing! Thank you!!! Currently waiting for my hair to dry a bit before deffusing. Only using gel today!

  10. Deborah Tussey
    Deborah Tussey says:

    I have your hair type. I drives me crazy when people say our hair isn’t curly. It certainly isn’t freaking straight. My niece has straight hair, even flat ironing curls in, they fall out and her hair is bone straight in a few hours.

  11. Tomar Crauswell
    Tomar Crauswell says:

    Idc if people say your hair is wavy, curly or stick straight. The fact is your hair is AMAZING!!!!! I would kill for gorgeous locks like that. God has definitely blessed you!

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