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Get gorgeous like Kareena Kapoor look with these makeup tutorials! Here is a step-by-step guide to how to apply makeup like Kareeena Kapoor and look like the diva herself! This make up tutorial teaches you how to do your eyes as well as face for that hot Bollywood celebrity look!

Step 1 – Kareena Kapoor Look
Start by priming your eyelids as always

Step 2 – Kareena Kapoor Look
Apply a shimmer, warm, silver eyeshadow on your lids, but within the crease. Take a lighter silver with a warm tint and apply it on your tear ducts.

Step 3 – Kareena Kapoor Look
Use a gel liner to tightline your eyes. By doing it with your eyes closed you can spread the product a bit to get a more smudgy look.

Step 4 – Kareena Kapoor Look
Use a smudge brush to smooth out the outlines. Apply a dark brown eyeshadow using an angled brush over the gel liner to soften it out.

Step 5 – Kareena Kapoor Look
Finish the eyes by curling your lashes and applying mascara.

Step 6 – Kareena Kapoor Look
Line your lips with a nude lip pencil, then fill it in with a peachy lip colour ad finish off with some gloss.

Step 7 – Kareena Kapoor Look
Apply a bubblegum pink blush lightly over the apples of your cheeks, and use a highlighter for that healthy glow.

Step 8 – Kareena Kapoor Look
Make a thin line with your gel liner on your lashline, use a smudging brush to smooth and blend it in.

Step 9 – Kareena Kapoor Look
Building on the previous looks, apply a dark brown eyeshadow over the lid, taking care not to go over the crease line and to not make a color too dark.

Step 10 – Kareena Kapoor Look
Again, apply gel liner, smudge it out so there are no harsh edges and apply a dark eyeshadow to soften the look.

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