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There have been some big differences in my skin recently, so let’s talk about the products that helped clear my acne!
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The Products:


Pixi – Nourishing Cleansing Balm

Antipodes – Juliet Skin Brightening Cleanser

Pixi – Glow Mud Cleanser


Pixi – Glow Tonic


Antipodes – Reincarnation Exfoliator


Antipodes Vanilla Bean Hydrating day cream

Antipodes – Rejoice light facial day cream

Antipodes – Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream


Antipodes – Aura Face Mask

Pixi – Nourishing Sleep Mask

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

44 replies
  1. C Burch
    C Burch says:

    Holy fu*k, that before and after is insane! Gives me hope for my, albeit mild in comparison to your before, acne ravaged face.

  2. Lindsey M
    Lindsey M says:

    If you still havent found a great sunscreen yet, take it from someone with combination skin who hates the feel of greasy creams. My absolute favourite sunscreen is from the brand 'Simple'. It has an SPF30 and is so light I dont feel like im wearing a cream on my face at all. Its non-greasy and absolutely brilliant for no makeup days! For under make-up I like the Body Shop Vitamin C cream which is also an SPF30. Its also non-greasy but not quite as light as the one from the 'Simple' brand (if thats makes sense). I also really like the Body Shop's Drops of Light Facial Fluid for hotter days as it has an SPF50. Again, non greasy too!

  3. Olivia B
    Olivia B says:

    Really loved this video! I've been using the antipodes cleanser and it's really been helping my acne! Just wondering which product you would recommend for scars? Thank you! X

  4. LouiseReeby
    LouiseReeby says:

    Hey! 🙂 I also suffer with acne and started a youtube channel, also going to document my treatment. Love to connect with others going through the same thing! ♡ x

  5. Ashton
    Ashton says:

    could the acne be because of food allergies? have you had that testing done? just curious, not trying to me mean or anything

  6. peson MAN
    peson MAN says:

    your just fine the way you are i hate itwhen beutyful people where makeup but that is u r choice so justwanted u to no u are pretty just the way u r 😉

  7. WarMachineRocks 007
    WarMachineRocks 007 says:

    You're AMAZING. GREAT personality, great everything! Not to mention you're stunning with and/or without makeup. You're so beautiful inside and out. NO FUCKING JOKE. IS KINDA UNFAIR. 😂 ALL LOVE TO YOU.❤

  8. Panda_Rules
    Panda_Rules says:

    I always been interested in the Antipodes brand… Soone or later I will try it!

    As an eye cream i would suggest the "Eye Care cream" by Martina Gebhart. Really does wonders. 😃

  9. EverGreenKels
    EverGreenKels says:

    Not sure if you ever found an eye cream you like, but I've been loving the Mineral Fusion SPF 16 Brightening Eye Cream for daytime. For nighttime, I use the Brija Cosmetics Illuminate Eye Balm. For SPF, I use the Andalou Naturals Oil Control Beauty Balm Un-Tinted with SPF 30. I've used it for years, and as someone with lots of acne, finding a daily SPF that doesn't irritate my skin or clog my pores has been amazing!

  10. Olivia Hemmings
    Olivia Hemmings says:

    My biggest problem with having acne is that I also have eczema. It's so difficult to find something that works for my acne, yet does not cause an issue with my eczema. My eczema is so problematic, most products aimed at it (including every medicinal product recommended or prescribed by doctors) do not work. Some even cause more issues. It's always trial and error with my skin🙄. But I have yet to give up. Therefore, I continue to do extensive research (basically what I would call this lol). I'm gonna try some of these products! I may be able to combat slight issues acne products cause with my products that actually help my eczema if the acne products end up working well enough.

  11. Cake-Chan
    Cake-Chan says:

    Hi, im 15 and i have really bad acne, scars, blotchiness and redness and have had for nearly 5 years. I have tried so many different creams and stuff but none work, I am currently using the one perscribed to me from the doctors and its the Duac clindamycin +anhdrous benzoyl peroxide cream. It kind of works but its not that good. Also, since im 15 and still in school, i get bullied a lot and im really insecure about myself as it is. Its really hard to find make up that matches my skin tone as i am lighter than the porcelain shade in most brands and i have tried so much makeup from Mac and Maybelline to L'oreal and Rimmel. Also i have really light blonde hair, light blonde eyelashes and light blonde eyebrows (im not allowed to dye them) and whenever i try and fill my eyebrows in i look stupid as there is no pencil or powder thats light enough, eyeshadow doesnt work. Another thing, i wear glasses constantly so it hard to find makeup for that as well as having really light hair and bad acne. Ik people may think im attention seeking by saying this but i really hate myself, including the way i look and its made me have really bad anxiety and depression. Yeah, some people tell me im pretty and beautiful but i just physically cant believe them. whenever i look in the mirror i just start crying because of how much i hate the way i look, when i have makeup on, it makes me feel slightly better but it just makes my skin worse (im currently crying because ive tried everything and idk what to do anymore because im being bullied so much and theres something i want to do later this year in May {cosplaying} that needs me to have better skin. All i would really love is some advice on what to do and how to deal with my situation. Ik you might not even read this but its worth a shot. Thanks, I would really appreciate it if you helped me – Caitlin

  12. Hannah O'Sullivan
    Hannah O'Sullivan says:

    Hi Em, quick question, I have pretty bad acne and I've tried so many skin care products and none of them seem to work. I was wondering if you thought that cutting diary and eggs out of your diet helped much? If not what do you think is the most important thing to do to help clear your skin. I've watched so many of your videos and your skin has improved so much its amazing! You're such a talented makeup artist and following your makeup routine has helped so much with my confidence thank you so much for that xxx

  13. Tiny Cat
    Tiny Cat says:

    I mostly get acne on my nose and chin. As I experimented with different acne treatments my skin has cleared up quite a bit. When I'm on my period it goes crazy but normally I have about three zits on the side of my nose and one on my chin crease.

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