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Hey babes! Today’s tutorial is on how to create an easy perfect cat eye using tape! How do you create that perfect cat eye? Did you find this trick helpful? Let me know in the comments below! Please don’t forget to subscribe! XOXO
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50 replies
  1. Raya Ali
    Raya Ali says:

    thank u so much for teaching us how to put the tap in the right way cause i always wanted to learn it u make it so much easier for me .and u look perfect with it u have avery beautiful eyes and lashes.u look like sunny lion the indian actross u have to see her to see how much u2 look similar 😍😍.wish u all the best & love from iraq 😘😘😘😘

  2. Nouf Mosleh
    Nouf Mosleh says:

    Rjaaaa Kmili Sweetie want Fedohat be his interpreter and his book p screen because it is clear to you Ataatklim Arabic Language Please, Please special Torgomaha us .. because I benefited a lot from you but I lack Machrahinh to hear because it benefits more Rjaaaaae

  3. MaJo Ferrera
    MaJo Ferrera says:

    Thanks Camila!! a really good tip! I love your videos I have been watch u since your first videos and it always help me .. greetings from Mexico 🙂

  4. Julia Araújo
    Julia Araújo says:

    Camila I am a follower its Brazilian , came just say you're right , the fact that the video was made in English does not hurt at all !! Dude you do your videos so step by step even though I neither speak English as fluent like and just generally understanding the makeup! Yes for me it is proven what you said in the makeup of smoky black eye with its palette. I like your videos! Kiss
    !!! ♡♡♡♡

  5. jamie jvlucky
    jamie jvlucky says:

    My lashes are very thick and full and long now without false lashes but I don't do the false lashes thing never works out I just use normal mascara and it still bothers me a bit bit thanx now I kno

  6. maya k
    maya k says:

    My tip for beginners is to first start with kajal (do your cat eye with it) then after month or so start do it with eyeliner but not some rlly waterproof, because if you mess it… Just dont. Anfd then when your pratice your hand and find desired shape just switch up on to waterproof one :* that helped me a lot hope it'll help you! 3

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