Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount


Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

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  1. aubrey archambault
    aubrey archambault says:

    Naw. Just use the "color neutral" one. It says it on the bottle its little white one. OOH and get the "Brazillian Keratin conditioner" from Sally's its like made for blond hair I swear, it works great and smells freaking amazing.

  2. Morvyn Ellis
    Morvyn Ellis says:

    Smells like jergans but works so much better for me
    works fast and is a pretty brown (on me anyways)
    only con is its liquidy and more expensive
    but im addicted to it!

    CINDAAA says:

    @girl123interrupted just self tanner, i used to fake bake last summer but i'm afraid of the consequences it'll bring when i'm older.

  4. Fia Y
    Fia Y says:

    I didn't know jergens had two types lmao. I returned it, it made me soooo blotchy. I think it depends on where you put it, cause I put the Jergens on my legs and they looked a bit orange too.

  5. aubrey archambault
    aubrey archambault says:

    Your face looks tanner. I think I'm going to try the foaming one. Do you fake bake also or just use self tanner? I'm scared to tan because I'm afraid I'll like age and look 90 when I'm 30.

  6. aubrey archambault
    aubrey archambault says:

    Hey dude. Use a protein filler! if you go to Sally's Beauty supply and ask for one they will point you out to a color neutral one. I too have fried my ends from having white hair and have had to have a lot of cuts and trims to get rid of the gummy ends. (they were breaking off) it almost made me cry. I just have to be way careful now when I bleach my roots, careful not to reapply to the already bleached parts. Its a pain in the ass but its how I've helped my hair get back to being semi healthy.

  7. Mollie
    Mollie says:

    hun, start rubbing coconut oil on your hair. This may save it so you don't need to cut it. LOL my self tanner (when i used to use it) was just Lipton instant tea mixed with lotion and it worked for me. My friend Melissa tried my lotion for prom though and since she had more body oils then me, it bled off onto her dress. So that doesnt work if your more oily. Good reveiw. I may try the Jergen's Foam.

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