Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

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Hi guys! Sun Labs graciously sent me this 3 piece kit to review for all of you.

Giftset costs $39.99 and comes with 3 products, the Self Tanning Lotion, the Tan Maintainer Lotion and the Exfoliant Scrub Gel

Here’s the URL/Product Link:

I was sent these products to review. This is 100% my honest opinon.

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

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  1. bcon52411
    bcon52411 says:

    can you sweat wearing the sun labs tanner without it coming off?? that's my biggest concern I guess, because I work out A LOT, and I do Billy Blanks Tae Bo yes, if anybody has done an intense tae bo workout then you already know, YOU SWEAT, AND YOU SWEAT A LOT!! lol so will it become streaky? or blotchy, or come off if you sweat? while working out, or just sweat in general?

  2. sattice
    sattice says:

    what lipliner and lipstick are you wearing- looks great. Also will be trying this self tanner- I need to get away from the beds.

  3. Saphiredsunset3
    Saphiredsunset3 says:

    Have you ever tried Fake Bake? I just stumbled upon you, I bought this product yesturday and am hooked!, but I have also tried the Fake Bake and was wondering if you have and what your opinion is. I can't really determine which product and/or brand I like more, I'm leaning towards Sun Labs more then I am Fake Bake. What do you think? 🙂 You're adorable btw! I love your personality.

  4. Pia
    Pia says:

    I've tried so many of the white or clear tanning lotions and have always and i mean always ended up with streaks on my legs or blotches and dark spots. I've been wanting to tan at the salon but i want to go a more healthier way.. I've purchased this tanning lotion and i'm so excited to start! Thank you for the review and the tip about using the brush!

  5. BlackLabLover9
    BlackLabLover9 says:

    @arthurrr2006 Yes, i would recommend putting on lotion first, on elbows, knees, feet and then apply the tanner so less product collects in those areas.
    and yes, you can tan after – just be sure to apply an SPF!

    DONNA RONALD says:

    You mentioned that you used to wear the bare escentials self tanner. In your opinion what made this one your choice over that one. One thing I noticed is that I received an email from Sun Labs and they had a buy one get one free. So I'm up in the air as to which one I should invest in. I like your honesty in your videos so looking forward to your opinion.

  7. Sarena
    Sarena says:

    I wanted to try this one but when I checked the ingredients, there were parabens. But I've been using a self-tanner called Toma's Total Tan and it works great and I checked the ingredients and it is paraben free! You should try it 🙂

  8. y delrod
    y delrod says:

    Love all your videos so much…. Do you know how long it takes for shipment for the selftanner? Do you still like it and recommend this product?

  9. spacebizkit1966
    spacebizkit1966 says:

    Please check the ingredients of the self-tanning lotion. Katherine from Wildkatmakeup just reviewed this product and showed that even though the front of the bottle says paraben-free, the ingredients on the back did contain methylparaben and propylparaben…she held the bottle right in the camera and showed it…

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