Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

Summertime oftens brings with it skin problems like tanning, dullness and loss of moisture and clarity. The newly introduced Aviance White Intense Range is perfect for the warmer season as the textures are light and airy while the skin brightening ingredients help improve the skin tone to reveal healthy, radiant skin. In this video, beauty blogger Corallista shares her summer skin routine with us. This premium skin care range is now available in India and you can buy the products online at Nykaa. #SummerSkincareRoutine #Corallista #Nykaa
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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

41 replies
  1. Priyanka Mehra
    Priyanka Mehra says:

    This video seems like an ad of nykaa(like what products we can buy from there) and not a genuine recommendation… Infact most of her videos seems like that to me…

  2. Arampreet Khushwaha
    Arampreet Khushwaha says:

    can you step up your game plz,nykaa? we get it , there are few beauty vloggers but we are tired of looking at the same faked up – mugged up lines face. I personally like debasree and komal as they personally give a bubbly vibe but we are tired of looking the same slow motion tired as hell corallista and over acting trying to be cute shreya jain.
    Personally I have no problem but we need to see more new faces , and something relatable .

  3. Bhagyashree Hr
    Bhagyashree Hr says:

    The new range seems to be interesting and Ankita is cute too ! But the video is so long
    And boring ! Could have been better
    Like the bath and body collection jazzy video !

  4. Bhavna M
    Bhavna M says:

    Nykaa please make your videos more fun to watch. You guys are launching and promoting a new range of skin care products, the video should be in such a way that people watching it will literally get excited to go and buy but this video is boring. Nothing against Ankita though. The whole video was set in in such a slow motion mode.

  5. P M
    P M says:

    I cannot believe how much hate this girl is getting!!!! God! !! This is the job of the YouTubers.. how would you feel if some one says all these rude stuffs to you guys??? so much of hatred and negativity for what ???? you tubers need to earn too you know?

  6. Sriparna Majumdar
    Sriparna Majumdar says:

    finally Aviance is back with its new package after a really long time.. I have been using the salon pro range from aviance that included the facial cleanser in the gel form which is an excellent stuff and it gave me an instant effect on my skin.. followed by the fairness gel and serum.. aviance gives really good results and helps in lightening skin tone n brings back the glow.. a very few product can do wonders like this.. thanks to Hindustan unilliver for this amazing range..
    🙂 finally now I can buy them from Nykaa so .. thanks to Nykaa too for this.. 🙂

  7. asha ganatra
    asha ganatra says:

    I was planning to subscribe aftr seeing ur lipstick reviews but…I wish to see some real beauty tips not a brand bias review…even ur budget make up was too high end…disappointed

  8. payel chandra
    payel chandra says:

    +lavanya s I completely support u. I really don't get these ppl. if you find someone boring or otherwise, just don't watch their videos. no one's is forcing. Negativity all around.

  9. Amrita Naidu
    Amrita Naidu says:

    Sorry youtubers didn't meant to offend you but can't always put the sugar coated comment. Let's call a spade a spade and let's hope for a beauty video that reflects inner beauty. Period

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