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What’s the secret to Pharrell Williams’ never-aging skin? Will his routine work for you? I talk about the science behind his skincare recommendations.

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In this video:
* A breakdown of the products in Pharrell’s skincare
* His skincare advice and whether it’s backed by science
* What’s missing from his routine (unless he’s undead)
* What he might not be telling us about his skin
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Lab Muffin Beauty Science is a channel by me, Michelle – I’m a chemistry PhD and beauty lover, here to explain how beauty products work, debunk myths, and help you make smarter decisions about your skincare, hair and makeup!


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NASA/Joel Kowsky, NASA/Kim Shiflett(Public domain)
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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

38 replies
  1. vermale deit
    vermale deit says:

    once again: a BIG thank you for these overwhelming videos clearin up a lot of things!!! we have a lot in common: oily skin/lazy/like citrus- lemon- grapeish scent & very much into sunscreen😅😅😅 greets from germany🖤

  2. acidceed
    acidceed says:

    can you please do a review of skincare routines of all models in vogue vids. it could be a series in of itself. I'd really like to know how I can achieve the same result without breaking the bank on a broke poor student budget

  3. Brittnie P
    Brittnie P says:

    I think, in my personal opinion, the problem is drinking coffee, soda and diuretic type beverages and then not replenishing with water, hence the 8 glasses “guideline.” Plus that’s only 8oz every hour for 8 hours. That’s really not A LOT of water. I easily drink that if not more and can see the negative effects on my brain (not so much my skin). If I get under-hydrated I can tell by becoming sluggish, tired and getting headaches. But this isn’t a set amount. It depends on my holistic health and environmental factors. People just struggle with being intuitive and balanced!

  4. SS
    SS says:

    can you please do a video on microneedling and the different needle lengths and their effectiveness? I've heard that u shouldn't go higher than 0,5 mm in length.

  5. Sa Ms
    Sa Ms says:

    I think giving him an A is too much kind since he doesn't use sunscreen (i will let the retin a out of this :p). I enjoy your scientific content and the (scientific or not) jokes as well 🙂 . It's not a reccomandation but so far the best skincare routine i have seen on celebrities is the one Dita von teese does. She also don't go into too much detail so that people won't follow blindly what she does. Jennifer aniston is also a skincare maniac i think… i don't value what celebrities or those "gurus" have to say about skincare though, since they are not searching too much into it ( and that's reasonable since it's not their job or a hobby), and i dislike that they make their young audience think that you have to be rich to have a good skincare( those big beauty gurus who do skincare videos can be very missleading or missinformed)..

  6. Amanda Sjöberg
    Amanda Sjöberg says:

    Could you please do a video about galactomyces ferment filtrate? I've heard that it is supposed to do good things to the skin. However I have a hard time finding information on the mechanism of how it is supposed to work. There is also not much proof that it does work… I would really appreciate it if you enlightened me!

  7. Cat T
    Cat T says:

    Gwyneth Paltrow’s skincare and supplement routine, there’s so much filler in there that’s questionable that I would love to see broken down. Great video btw, you explain everything thoroughly and still kept me engaged!

  8. Tasha Lee
    Tasha Lee says:

    Hi Michelle! I love your videos, I’ve been following your blog for a long time, you’re my go-to skincare queen. Have you looked into Alicia Keys and her skincare routine? She forgoes make up (and she’s still stunning) and seems to focus on skincare over makeup.

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