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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

44 replies
  1. HaleyJean ASMR
    HaleyJean ASMR says:

    I wanna just preface this video by saying I am in NO way a skincare expert! I am NOT trying to recommend products to my viewers as everyone’s skin is different. My skin is dry and somewhat acne prone for reference.

    Just because this is what I do, doesn’t make it the right or wrong way. It’s just what works for me as of late and you guys always ask to see it! But don’t take everything I say as fact LOL 💞

  2. Reagan Mullins
    Reagan Mullins says:

    No joke just watched one of your vids from 2017 and you thanking us for 8000 subs. You look so different and so little. I’m honestly so happy to watch you “grow up” in a since. YOUR THE BOOM

  3. J Martinez
    J Martinez says:

    To anyone watching this please don’t use a washcloth on your face and don’t use makeup wipes. Doing that tugs in your skin and is abrasive. Buy a cleanser that dissolves makeup like an oil cleanser and pat your face dry. Don’t rub it around. You’re welcome. 😊

  4. Sonja
    Sonja says:

    I like your voice😊
    I watched a few videos from you and as far as I can tell.. You have such a nice and cool personality 💕
    Greetings from germany:)

  5. Amanda Carlile
    Amanda Carlile says:

    this inspired me to actually start doing my skincare routine again. i have so many products from when i worked at sephora. so brb doing a face mask and getting this skin right

  6. Madison Harmon
    Madison Harmon says:

    I honestly love seeing nighttime routine videos because my nighttime routine is my favorite part of my day cause it is the only part I have to myself and seeing other people kinda sharing that and seeing how they are different with it really intrigues me for some reason

  7. Sim
    Sim says:

    If I don't wash my face with my hands and copious amount of water I can't sleep or go do anything. I feel it's still on meeee😂 I don't care if I wet the whole bathroom. People do. I don't. hehe

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