Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

Hey Everybody! 😀
This video is just showing you my current skincare routine. There are more things that I do for my skin other than this video, but this is the main of it. I hope you enjoy!
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Mario Bedescu:
Enzyme cleansing gel: $20
Glycolic foaming cleanser: $15
Cucumber cleansing lotion: $15
Hydrating moisturizer with biocare: $20
Collagen moisturizer: $22
Herbal hydrating serum: $30
Facial spray: $7

Teeth whitening: —–

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

38 replies
  1. Jessica Kowalski
    Jessica Kowalski says:

    I came across this video and I truly think you looked more natural here. Your lips are fabulous here, I wish you didn’t have to do all those extra things to your face. I feel like everyone does this which takes away natural features of the face. Either way your beautiful

  2. Jeanzy C.
    Jeanzy C. says:

    OMG what happened to her personality? She was great when she was being herself back then. I'm serious she's turned into a totally different person. How does that happen? Jaclyn JUST BE YOU AGAIN!

  3. Pegasus Pony
    Pegasus Pony says:

    Omg I had little bumps on my face too I am only a teen and I wouldn’t say I have bad skin and I don’t have acne just loads of little bumps but I used the tropic smoothing cleanser and it has really cleared up.

  4. Oz C
    Oz C says:

    I ran into your video , and I'm not a female just had an open ear to what you have to say about teeth whitening I never heard of that product you said about that doctor . I do use coconut oil for pulling , still need to apply other remedies to better my teeth, I couldn't agree with you more about the cod liver oil though , cod liver oil has cleared up up my acne so much when I combine it with zinc , Burts Bees facial cleanser wash as well twice a day , between the cod liver oil and the zinc supplementation is what has helped me the most , you do have beautiful radiant skin BTW =)

  5. ooMarissaxx
    ooMarissaxx says:

    This video is suggested on your closet tour omg! Look at that rack in the background in just 6 years you have come full circle. I remember when you uploaded this and worked in nordstrom!

  6. Sandy Mehring
    Sandy Mehring says:

    I use honey brown sugar and coconut oil on my face. Well , I guess,, birds of a feather! Thanks for the update on Mario products. I wasn’t sure if I should buy it. Thanks ☺️

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