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Brilliant makeup tutorials for the summer

In this video, I am sharing with you some amazing lipstick hacks that will change your makeup routine for the better.
– I show you how to contour your lips using lipstick to give them more dimension and make them pop.
– You can use different color changing lipsticks to give your lips a gradient effect for your glam makeup.
– To achieve a cartoon makeup look, apply your lipstick and then use your eyeliner to outline your lips or you can use your eyeliner to draw little circles and give your makeup a leopard pattern look.
– If you don’t have a lipstick color, you can create your own by applying clear lipbalm on your lips and then an eyeshadow color of your choice.
– You can create your own tinted body serum using baby oil and shimmery eyeshadow.

0:07 – Beautiful lipstick ideas
3:29 – How to achieve the cartoon lips
4:08 – Leopard lips pattern
6:14 – How to make your eyes look bigger
9:40 – DIY waterproof lipstick
11:17 – DIY makeup remover
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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

38 replies
  1. Hr Ick
    Hr Ick says:

    I think its just the persons lips that make it look bad if they had a better model things would have looked better ;-;

  2. Maya Gradberg
    Maya Gradberg says:

    Yeah I'm just gonna stick with my "just smear" technique! Instead of PUT CONSEALER ON ME LIP anddd….

    Dear future children don't put eyeliner on your lips

  3. Patricia Peters
    Patricia Peters says:

    6:26 Jesus christ does she brush her teeth??? I know not everyone has perfect white teeth, hell I don't. But those are so fucking yellow,, she looks like she doesn't brush her teeth. I can almost smell her breath through my screen.

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