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Beauty Hacks are very popular on social media. Some hacks seem genius, other hacks are very questionable, and other seem like they might work. Today I’m gonna test some of these beauty hacks out to see if we can make them work or if or we can debunk/expose some of them. For instance, cleaning beauty blender in the microwave, sound like might work, but then again, HOW? or using a ballon instead of beauty blender, does it work? I’m gonna test all these and much more. Hope you enjoy.

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

49 replies
  1. Zinkromo
    Zinkromo says:

    For the deo I just use a dirty piece of laundry or if I'm out I've even used my socks before. Anything soft will do the trick!

  2. Jamie Monroe
    Jamie Monroe says:

    I Never understood the microwave hack and the beauty blender. It doesn't take long to clean my beauty blender. Also for the person that wants 2 beauty blenders they have packs of 2 lol. Some of the hacks now and days lol favorite hack is the deoderent one.

  3. Tanya G
    Tanya G says:

    The microwave is meant to kill the bacteria, you're still meant to wash it in the sink with soap and water to get all the makeup out

  4. Teresa Haven
    Teresa Haven says:

    Omg cutting the beauty blender in half. I wasnt looking at the screen but at the same time you made the explosion sound I did the movement with my hands. Too funny, I crack myself up

  5. Sierrah Howell
    Sierrah Howell says:

    Y’all. You don’t need anything for the deodorant stains just rub your shirt together where the stains are and the friction removes it ☺️👍🏻

  6. swedishlina
    swedishlina says:

    What eyeliner are you wearing in this video???? It looks stunning, is it deep blue or black I can't quite tell. However it does look very opaque 😍

  7. Camden1313
    Camden1313 says:

    The microwave hack may not necessarily manually clean the blender but it literally zaps all the microbes. Its an additional step that I think people should do every week (depending on frequency of use). I also do this with kitchen sponges etc.

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