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Here’s how to Fishtail Braid! This new Braid Encyclopedia video is beginner friendly, but may help those of you who are more advanced too!

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Fishtail braided hairstyles are some of my favorite, so I loved breaking down this style. These steps should help make the hair style easy and quick even for beginners.

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50 replies
  1. Jamie O
    Jamie O says:

    "throw the ball" 👍 idk what u would classify in my learning style as but those 3 words just simplified this entire process so much… I mean I still have yet to try it on myself but as far as remembering the technique as I go I think that will be a very good mantra 🙂

  2. Nour Kassem
    Nour Kassem says:

    I’ve always tried to fish braid my hair but never new how to move around my fingers so it would always come out falling apart, but when I watched this video it was sooooooooo understandable and so helpful I understood everything and I’m gonna try this tmr morning I can’t wait!🤗

  3. Cynthia Downs
    Cynthia Downs says:

    Great tutorial I loved all three, I love a smaller tight fitting fish tail and then I love the last where I can have a messier fishtail (Which is all the rage now) I found it easy to do and your instructions very helpful. Thank you.

  4. S Vogel
    S Vogel says:

    Thank you especially for mentioning what to do with your fingers precisely, most tutorials just leave that part out completely.
    I wanted to quit at first to bc the braid really didn't seem to be taking shape after the first 4-5 crossovers but then I decided to comit to my crappy braid, kept going and it turned out half decent. the top part is still a bit messy but the bottom part looks well defined

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