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Not going to lie, I’m extremely anxious posting this video however, if I didn’t post my story and thoughts on everything, it would continue to eat away at me slowly. This video is for me and no one else- it’s my chance after 11 years of being in this community to speak from my heart on how I feel and to defend my integrity and motives which have been in question this last year.

This video is VERY bittersweet for me as you all know I’ve been on this platform for so long and I TRULY have loved this decade of my life. I started at 28 years old and will be 40 later this year. I hope you can feel where my heart is coming from in posting this- it is not from malice or revenge but frustration and a hope that things will change.

Everyone I mention in this video I have no ill will towards whatsoever – I never have. However I needed to explain my side. There’s 2 sides to every story.

I’ve called it Dear Influencers because if it weren’t for influencers I would not even have Makeup Geek at the level it is today and for that I will always be grateful. On the flip side, I want to see this community turned around into a place of honesty, transparency, and love for beauty. It has been lacking in recent years and I can no longer be silent since I love this community just as much as everyone else. It’s been my identity for so long…

I could say much more, but this video is already way too long and I got everything off my chest. Now I can move on to focus on Makeup Geek, Marste, starting a family of my own, getting my health in order, and working with Domestic Abuse Shelters.

I will not say that I will never post to Youtube because I do plan on keeping Beauty and the Boss because it’s filled with positivity and I’m passionate about this series. My point in saying goodbye is me taking off the influencer hat and just being a CEO. I will still be on this channel to post new launches for Makeup Geek and Marste because you all have helped me build these companies- I would not be here at all without you. I want you to be part of the journey through the ups and downs, the good and bad. I never viewed Makeup Geek as just mine- it is ours because I alone did not build it.

It’s been an amazing 11 years you all and I have loved hanging out with you SO much and share the love of makeup.
XOXO, Marlena


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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

45 replies
  1. Flor O.
    Flor O. says:

    I just became a new subscriber of yours after this video- your poise & gentle soul just shows through this video. Also looking forward to buying MUG make up for the first time ❤️

  2. mchakrabarti
    mchakrabarti says:

    I love that Mama Marlena really tried to take care of everyone in the beauty community. And they treated her like shit. Marlena, you’re amazing & so are your products. Keep doing you.

    Many of us are OG beauty community watchers from the old days and have no idea who folks like James or whatever are. We lived on Makeup Geek and ItsJudyTime and JuicyStar07 and WayneGoss. We KNOW what you’ve done for this community.

    I’m glad you got to say your peace but fuck everyone who has put you in a situation where you were forced to even make this video to begin with. Shame on them.

  3. Natalie Brown
    Natalie Brown says:

    Love Love Love to you Marlena! I've followed you since the beginning and have been so inspired by how awesome of a human you are, how resilient and classy you are. Take time away, heal, do whatever your soul desires. You are LOVED <3

  4. Danet Styles
    Danet Styles says:

    Marlenaaaa I am so sorry you have gone through so much <3 sincerely. I would love to be your friend, I too have had such heart wrenching experiences where I have given my all for people who have walked all over me after and I just don't understand why!!!!

  5. crissidoll
    crissidoll says:

    Marlena, you seemed really genuine to me, up until you started talking about Tina. Now I'm doing a double take on everything else you just said. Your response to Tina's VERY detailed, specific experiences with and feelings about you, tells me that your main goal is to paint yourself as pure and innocent. So either you're Jesus or its all for a show. Like, come on, does your shit ever stink? People disagree and get hurt feelings everyday, it's human nature. But at least own your shit. Everything is not a tit for tat. Give me a break. There's so much I want to say, but I won't bother. Those who know, know. A hit dog will holler. IJS

  6. Judy Rowe, MUA
    Judy Rowe, MUA says:

    Dear Marlena, I don't know you personally, but your spirit shines through. Block out the noise, stay true to yourself, and be encouraged. Prayers up for your continuous blessings. xxxx-Judy

  7. Mary Tidmore
    Mary Tidmore says:

    So much respect for you! I will 100% be making purchases with MUG! I stand behind integrity and just plain ole morality. I normally comment something of the sort “keep being you” but I know I don’t have to. You’re authenticity and pure beauty shines through.

  8. Natalie N
    Natalie N says:

    First video of yours I have seen & I like you. Sometimes it takes a few more for me to read people well, but I eventually saw about 2014 ish JH was a straight arrogant bitch out for herself only. Sorry she fooled you for a whille.

  9. The Fashion Book
    The Fashion Book says:

    Took me a whole week, but I finisbed the whole thing. Great points. Eye opening in a lot of ways for me.
    Sorry to see you go Marlena. Best of luck in your new company and future makeup launches. Much love.

  10. Nicole Williams
    Nicole Williams says:

    I truly feel like James Charles got pissy and threw a temper tantrum about the Netflix Doc because he wanted to be apart of it so he can control the narative because he's such a bully and a spoiled child he's so worried about any negative (but 100% truthful) light on him, and as far is that other girl that I had to look up by the way just cosigned James to try and be apart of another 1 of the spolied 2yr old lil boys drama and get her name out there for a few seconds. Just somethings to think about y'all.

  11. Quinn Goins
    Quinn Goins says:

    I have watched you from the very beginning… you inspired me so much & I could always tell JUST from videos that you have the biggest heart ever. I am so sorry you have had a rough couple of years… wishing you nothing but happiness and success. Always stay true to yourself, you are AMAZING & BEAUTIFUL.

  12. Blia Siong
    Blia Siong says:

    All these young influencers are greedy for money and they were/are only thinking of themselves. I can only point out a few people on youtube that are true. I can smell a fake from far away.

  13. Theresse Tate
    Theresse Tate says:

    Grown woman with a proven track record, genuine, a true heart, and most of all humble vs a little boy that just started. Go sit down somewhere. I’m sure you can appreciate long, loyal subscribers than subscribers who came just as fast and about 16 years old. You’re classiness and respectfulness speaks volumes. Stay true to who you are, always!

  14. Daark
    Daark says:

    Omg you're amazing. You're a straight forward and honest business person and you're absolutely beautiful as well. I feel like people don't advertise make-up geek as much recently. I shall have to try some out.

  15. dolphinlvz1516
    dolphinlvz1516 says:

    I had read about your video and just had to watch it myself! Your honesty and pure raw emotion came across in your video! I wish you nothing but the best in all that you do!!! Love you!

  16. Kimberly Acfalle
    Kimberly Acfalle says:

    I teared up watching this because you can see the hurt in her eyes as she talks about this. The fact that even though people turned their backs to MUG Marlena still continued to mentor people. I’m so glad she took the time to make this video. We need more mentoring and building up one another and less trashing talking. Thank you Marlena!

  17. Bruno
    Bruno says:

    Do people actually care? I mean… come on!! Why don't you go do something like… go invest in a town in Africa; give water to Indians. I mean COME on!!

  18. Ruth Arana
    Ruth Arana says:

    Seems like James just leech’s on good genuine people, that all they’ve done for him is help him and all he’s done is betrayed them!

  19. Sylvia
    Sylvia says:

    Don't ever let anyone get you down Marlena, you are such a wonderful person and have done many good things for the world. You are truly an inspiration and I wish I could be your friend, your attitude is contagious. Also when you said you finally got a good guy my heart overflowed with joy for you, you are SO deserving of someone special. x

  20. Mary Albano
    Mary Albano says:

    Soooo….I have to write another post because I just finished watching the entire video😁 I have so much respect for you, both as an individual and as a business owner. I believe you are as genuine as it gets. I absolutely can't stand when pure-hearted people have the toughest journeys through life; however, I know you are aware of how these experiences have made you stronger and how God is now using you to help others through your pain. I pray that God has amazing things for you to come and because He knows your heart He will provide for you. Best of luck, and again, thank you for your courage and flawless representation of what transparency truly is.

  21. FlawlesslyBeautifulMakeup
    FlawlesslyBeautifulMakeup says:

    I literally watched this entire video and here are my thoughts:
    Marlena thank you for sharing this Information with your loyal followers such as myself who has been a loyal subscriber for over 5 years now. You are always very truthful and a very kind soul. Now with James I was truly disgusted bc what does he know about the beauty community wasn’t he the one with a full white cast in his face that went viral. Yet he thinks he knows more than you 🙄 pure ignorance. And the issue with Jaclyn Hill is that she took your kindness and smashed it for her own benefit. And look at everything that has happened to her I thank God you stopped the MUG collab although you lost money I think it was the best decision. Ever since she’s been up Morphe ass and all the collabs she’s done have been recalled and complete trash. Including the Becca collab as well. One last thing: THANK GOD YOU KEPT THE EMAILS & MGS. bc people will say you are a liar which you are not. People can say all they want Marlena but you PULLLED OUT THE RECEIPTS & that’s something others can’t do bc they don’t have so I was here for all this. And don’t say that you don’t want to feel like a victim based off the miscarriage and other drama in your last marriage you lived it and it happened so anything that he did to you which affects your personal life than yes you are a survivor and I can’t wait to see everything that’s coming in store for you. To a very prosperous lifetime wish you the best.

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